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No doubt, the most valuable item for being able to interact and meet people on badoo are the photographs you have on your profile, since these will be your first letter of introduction to other users, allowing them to arouse a certain curiosity and why not, passions..

In this way, one of the first steps that must be developed to be able to interact or communicate on badoo is to be able to fill in your user profile with the respective data and also, with photos of yourself that represent you and for this, I have created a small tutorial explaining how add photos to your badoo profile.

However, before this it is necessary to recommend that the photos you will upload are the best that you have, that is, where who you are is reflected, you go out in the best possible way, those images have a good resolution or definition and you believe that they can generate that trust other users for allow communication on badoo with that said, let's take action (tutorial)

How to add photos to my Badoo profile | Step 1

The first step for add or upload photos it's simply to enter badoo and for this you need to enter the first page of the badoo official site, then click on the button with the inscription » Submit » located at the top of the page. right (if you are on a computer or a pc).

On the page that opens you must enter your badoo registration email and password and finally click on the » Log in » which will take you directly to your badoo profile.

How to add photos to my Badoo profile | Step 2

After completing the previous step, you will be logged into your badoo profile. Here, you have 2 options to be able to upload a photo to your badoo profile and they are as follows:

1. Quick option: by clicking on the gray box that has a camera icon or picture and also says » add photos «.

A central window will appear where it will allow you to choose the option where you want to add the photos and which are the following:

a) Upload photos from your computer: if you have photos on your computer or pc that you are using.

b) Take a photo: if you don't have any photos and want to take a photo via webcam to upload it to badoo.

c) Import from: Facebook, Instagram, google+, vkontakte e odnoklassniki.

2.- Slow Option: used to click on the button that says » photo » located at the top right (see image).

This will take them to a page where only your profile photos are organized. Here you can click on a camera icon or picture and choose the most suitable way for you to add photos to your badoo profile.

It should be noted that this alternative or option also allows you to add photos to your profile, it also allows you to create a photo album of you and your friends and, finally, private photos and videos ​​that you can only share with the user or users you want to see them.

Finally, some pics on your badoo profile can make the difference between relating or not, on this social network and definitely, on any dating site, as a photograph really shows who you are physically and will generate that empathy or attraction that other things have not generate in the first instance. Remember, the image on badoo matters.

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