How to ADD Instagram to Tik Tok fast and easy

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You knew you could include your social networks in your TikToker account?Indeed, we have already seen how easy it is to add YouTube to this social network, but if this is not enough for you, you should also know that you can add Instagram to TikTok. In The Power Of The Green Android we explain how to do it step by step and we will also explain the steps with a YouTube video to make it easier to understand.

How to Connect Instagram to Tik Tok Step by Step 2022

The first step for add Instagram to TikTok is obviously to enter our profile, specifically in the section that says "I" which is just at the bottom right.

Next thing is to enter right where it says "Edit profile".

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Here we will have different configuration options for our profile such as changing our username, however now we must focus on the section that says «Add Instagram to your profile», let's go in.

In this section we will have to log in with our Instagram user account, both via Facebook and by writing our:

  1. Username or email.
  2. Password.

How to add Instagram to TikTok fast and easy 2022

Now a message will appear where we can see that Instagram asks us for permission to link to TikTok, we will then give it to "Keep it going".

How to unlink Instagram from TikTok step by step 2022

If you want remove this social network from Tik Tok, all you have to do is the following:

  1. We click on our Instagram name.
  2. We give «Confirm» the disconnection.

And voila, this simple way you can easily add this social network to TikTok. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer them. Don't forget that you have all social networks at your disposal to share this content with your friends and family… Thank you very much!

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