How to add an author to an Instagram post

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Instagram is a social network where we can constantly create publications, many of these publications can be done with collaborators, ie we can add an author to the same publication so that it is shared on their feed and therefore reaches more followers, which is a way to advertise an account, but as long as the contributor accepts the request. We teach you how to do it.

Recently, Instagram collaborations have arrived, with them we can create content to reach many more people, since with the permission of the users you follow you can create a single publication that will be in the profile of the collaborator who accepts the collaboration. petition.

How to add an author to an Instagram post

Next, we will show you how to add collaborators or authors to the publications you make on Instagram, so that your publication can reach more users, since the same publication can be seen by the followers of the author you added, follow these steps to reach them:

  1. Log in to Instagram and perform the same steps you do when create a publication.
  2. Once you've chosen your photo or video and edited it, you'll see a button on the screen before you send it that says «Tag people».

  1. By pressing it we can tag whoever we want, but we have another option called «Invite a collaborator», because we will have to click there.

  1. Then we will have to write the name of the person who we want to be also the author of the publication.
  2. The next step will be to publish the photo and wait for the author to accept the request to also publish it in your feed.

  1. In the event that they accept the request for the publication you have created, the photo will appear with the names of both as creators of the publication.

These publications with authors will share the same comments and number of likes, is a way to create different content and also support in one way or another both users of the shared publication.

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