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In recent months we have seen a multitude of WhatsApp tricks in Green Android. Today we will see one of these little ones whatsapp secrets which came in a subtle way and few people noticed. And is that since the last WhatsApp update, we are already allowed to set up a WhatsApp conversation at the top of the screen.

Therefore, we will see how in a few simple steps we can set up WhatsApp conversations very easily following this tutorial.

Why pin a WhatsApp conversation to the top?

I think the answer is very simple, many of us receive a multitude during the day of WhatsApp conversations. These as the day goes on and surely, we always need to have priority conversations for whatever reason (work, family, an event…etc…). These are getting lost in the "timeline" with the arrival of new whatsapp messages. How do you solve it?, Why giving priority to conversations in so that they do not fall into oblivion, this is achieved by setting the WhatsApp chat at the top of the screen.

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How to set up a WhatsApp conversation

The first thing we have to do to learn to set up a WhatsApp chat at the top of the app is, of course, open the application. Once inside WhatsApp, the only thing we will have to look for are the WhatsApp conversations that we consider the highest priority. Now we hold our finger on the conversation until it darkens, as in the photo:


Fix WhatsApp top easily.


After selecting the WhatsApp conversation we want to set up, we will only have to click on the "pushpin" icon at the top.


Pushpin to fix WhatsApp.


We can only setup 3 WhatsApp conversations

With this method we can set up solo 3 WhatsApp conversations at the top of the screen.


How to unblock blocked chats on WhatsApp


unblock or mute the chat set at the top of the screen, we'll just have to press the WhatsApp chat that we want to disable. Then the icon for removing the pushpin will appear at the top, click on it and that's it.


Easy fixed chat removal.


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