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For some time now many people choose to use the Telegram messaging service to be able to communicate with people who want or consider convenient and, by the way, it is an excellent and worthy option for the famous WhatsApp that is worth consider. Now, one of the first concerns that every new user has in this chat service is, of course, how to add a contact in Telegram to get in touch and communicate with that specific person you want to communicate with and because of this, in Practical Resources we want to explain this procedure or way to be able to add or add a contact to Telegramwhich they can use to add their desired friends, family or contacts.

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How to add a contact on Telegram from PC

Well, the first thing you have to do is enter or enter the Telegram account you have (whether you have Telegram Android, iPhone/iPad, WP, macOS, Web version or, for PC/MAC/Linux) and once inside, they must click on the 3 bars located at the top left as shown in the attached image.

With this, a window will appear on the left side with some options and then you must click on «Contacts«.

With the previous action, a central window will appear where you can start a search for the contact by entering that contact in the box that says «Search» and in case they don't have it around then they need to add it by clicking on » add contact «.

Well, a small central window will open where you can add the following contact information:

  • Name: Here you will add the name or nickname or something that identifies that particular contact.
  • Surnames: they will be able to add surnames or something that more clearly identifies that contact they are going to add in Telegram.
  • Phone Number: you must enter here the mobile number of that contact and in case that contact is in another country you will have to change the country code by inserting the corresponding one.

When they have this information ready, they should then click on the text that says «Crea» and voilà, with this they have already added that person as a contact on Telegram and can now communicate with him.

How to add a contact on Telegram from mobile

If you want to add a contact on Telegram using a mobile, then this video is for you.

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