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The vista It is a very valuable asset as the years go by we get tired and we begin to need lenses a contact to be able to continue with our daily life. Technology does not help much… and is that the use of Smartphones, Tablet e computer produces a visual impact very important. However, there are preventive measures how to include dark themes to give some eye rest, Google has known how to listen to its users and now we can activate youtube dark theme on android, read on if you are interested this tutorial will only take you a few seconds.

What is YouTube dark theme and what is it for?

Basically when yes enable YouTube night mode on Android we will attenuate the impact of light on a visual level so that our eyes rest much more.

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To know how to put dark mode on youtube android, the first thing we will have to have is the latest version of our favorite Android application for watching videos. Once updated the application to the latest version, we enter the our account at the top right by clicking on the photo.

So we'll get to the bottom of it all where it says "Settings".

Inside "Settings" per activate youtube dark theme on android we will insert "General".

Inside "General" we will activate the card of YouTube mobile dark mode e... Ta chan! the dark theme will work on our android.

As you can see, it is very easy turn on youtube night mode on android without root in a few seconds.

Now that you know how to activate youtube dark theme on android, you can leave me a comment if you have any questions. Remember that you all have buttons on your social networks to share this content with your friends. Thank you so much for everything and have a nice day.

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