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Are you a lover of privacy and you don't like giving your phone to companies, because then you already know that strange numbers begin at call you, But the WhatsApp addiction a sometimes it is above common sense. Fortunately, if this has happened to you, we have a tutorial to know which number is calling me. It's possible that if you're a freak of suspiciously saving your data you don't like that Facebook bought WhatsApp. This becomes apparent whenever you install this messaging client and it prompts you to activate WhatsApp with an SMS code. Well, don't worry, today we will learn how to activate whatsapp without a verification code.

What is WhatsApp verification code?

Well, basically it is a 4-digit number that WhatsApp sends you once you prove you are the owner of the phone number to which you sent the SMS to verify this fact.

For this reason you may wonder how to install whatsapp without activation code? . So let's see the solution that we give you below.

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Is it possible to enable WhatsApp without verification code??

According to the official WhatsApp page, the verification code is required to check that this number belongs to a user account. In other words, WhatsApp will not send the code via email as it needs your phone number for verification. However, in the past there was a method to enable WhatsApp without verification code, a method that several readers have told me NO LONGER WORKING. Despite this, if you want to know what the method was like for open WhatsApp without needing the code below, I'll leave it to you, who knows if the same thing works for you and you don't lose anything. But I already warn you thatany tutorial on the internet that tells you this step works is lying (or is outdated).

Activate WhatsApp without easy verification code (not recommended)

The first thing to do to try one of the best tricks for WhatsApp, is obviously make a backup of your favorite messaging client. Once backed up, re-install the app from the play store or you can download WhatsApp without Play Store from the above link.

Enable WhatsApp without code

To do this, the first thing we need to do is put the mobile in airplane mode and turn on the WiFi and connect to a network. In this way we will avoid receiving SMS.

Now once you enter we will enter our phone number, obviously having airplane mode activated we will not receive any text messages.

Activate WhatsApp without verification code

Now it will ask us to verify our phone in an alternative way, which is none other than providing our email account. We put it and give it from send and wait about 30 seconds and before finishing the process we press «delete».

Now let's go to the inbox of our mail and we copy the data of our verification and we go back to WhatsApp and voila, we already have activated our account without confirmation code on android.

I can't activate WhatsApp without the verification code, how do I fix it?

Did you use the previous method and does not work?This is logical since, as we said before, WhatsApp needs to send a code linked to the phone number belonging to the account for security reasons. That's why currently the only method for open a WhatsApp without the need for a verification code is to have one backup copy of the application, then I explain the necessary steps.

Activate WhatsApp without waiting for the Android code (recommended)

The simplest thing for have WhatsApp without codes or anything it's simply make a backup of WhatsApp, this is the easiest way.

Once we have the backup, we install WhatsApp and it will give us the possibility to restore the last backup.

Now that you know how to activate whatsapp without a confirmation code, could you tell me your impressions in the comment box below. And well, if the video was helpful to you, don't hesitate to share it, thanks for your time.

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