How to activate super powers for free in Badoo (trick)

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One of the things that can be really, relevant and gravitating to use in badoo are the so-called super powers since, with these active powers, the badoo user will be able to better attract the attention of other users of this social network and therefore, Significantly expand the possibilities of interacting, making new friends and flirting, which are the goals for which thousands of users move every day on badoo.

However, a detail worthy of note and which is important to consider is that to activate badoo's super powers it is necessary to make a payment in the manner that is deemed convenient and for the period in which one wishes to avail oneself of this "joker" which can help to communicate with other badoo members.

Now, there is a trick that most of the users don't know and that every one of them has and is activation of badoo super powers for free to use and therefore benefit from this resource and that today I will reveal for what they can implement it.

Activate super powers for free | Step 1

The first thing they should do and as it is logical is to enter badoo, from the application that they have previously installed on their badoo mobile phones or, if they use this social network on a computer, they must first access the official badoo page and then, write the your email address and password and click on Submit.

Activate super powers for free | Step 2

Once in your account you should go to your profile and then go to Settings which can be seen as a dice icon at the top right (if you're on a desktop computer).

Activate super powers for free | Step 3

In the configuration they should scroll down or with their finger (depending on whether they are on a PC or mobile) and click where it says Delete account yes, right there where it says Delete account, don't worry.

Activate super powers for free | Step 4

A titled window Are you sure you want to delete your account?   And then a series of options will appear below, you will have to cross out or mark the circle that precedes the text Delete your account.

So, from this action the text will appear below and in a soft gray Continue it gets clicked right there.

Activate super powers for free | Step #5

With the above action, a window will appear whose title says Is there any way to change your mind (with your name)? And further down, there's a blue button that says Get super powers for free, so now you're going to click that button.

Activate super powers for free | Step #6

A badoo page appears where they thank you for staying and tell you that you will be able to enjoy 3 days with Superpowers for free and now you will have to click on the button that says Go!

Here… now and automatically you already have the totally free super powers and you can use it and know:

  • who likes you | with active superpowers and a click on the folder Mi likes you will be able to know which users have shown interest when they have used the Dating tool on badoo.
  • Who has you in their favourites | With active superpowers and one click on the folder Add to Favourite you will be able to know which badoo users have added you to their Favorites list and thus you will be able to enter their profiles and interact with people who have really shown some interest in you.
  • Chat with the most popular users | With super powers you can access chat with those users who are popular enough and keep the message bar full.

Free Super Powers | Observation

This trick for get or activate Superpowers for free it can only be done once and that is why before using it it is recommended to know relatively well how badoo works and what can be done with this resource to make the most of it and finally, remember that this free resource is valid for a period of 3 days. Now, I can only wish you much success on badoo.

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