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One of the things that can most distress and obfuscate a user of a social network and specifically, in the case of Twitter, is even not being able to access Twitter, due to some ignorance or inadvertent error which can be puzzling and strange to not be able to enter or enter the spider web of the little bird.

Well, many of these inconveniences are due to a certain innocence in the use of this social platform or the Internet and also, due to a negligence that is not noticed or discovered and therefore, really hits a wall that prevents access to Twitter..

That's why the following article looks at the key steps to successfully logging in accurately, explaining some things that may sometimes be obvious to some, but for other people who are not very involved with technology, need not be logical and require clarification these and I hope it will be very useful and practical.

Login to Twitter | What is needed?

First of all, it must be said that to take advantage of this social network some necessary things must be fulfilled, which are:

  • Have access to a computer or smart mobile device and the internet: logically, to use this service you need a computer or PC or other device on which you can access it, such as a notebook, netbook, tablet or smartphone and then, finally, have some internet connection.
  • Have a Twitter account: to fully use Twitter you need to have an account and if you don't have one yet, you must open an account on this social network by following these steps, otherwise you will only be able to see and review public profiles without the possibility of interacting.

Having said the above, I will describe the steps that must be taken in order not to get lost when logging into Twitter and therefore, to know what to do on Twitter to access the personal account that you have.

Login to Twitter | Step 1

The first thing to do is, of course, access the Twitter cover and to do this, just follow one of these 2 options (choose the one that suits you best):

  • Enter using the search engine: you must write in the box of the search engine you use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) the name that identifies this social network and which is logically, Twitter, then click on “ Log in » and from the results you will have to click on the correct one, which is usually the first one, and the Twitter cover will open.
  • Enter using the url: you will have to write in the address bar of the browser you use (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) the correct address of this social network, i.e. and then click on " Insert » (if you're on a desktop computer) and the Twitter cover will load.

Login to Twitter | Step 2

Once, on the cover or home page of the official Twitter site, you must enter the information they ask you to access in the respective boxes which are displayed in the central part and a little to the right (if you are on a desktop computer) and which are the following:

  • Phone, email or username: here you can write your phone number or your email or if you want your username depending on what you like to access your Twitter account.

Note that if you enter the phone number it must be the one you wrote in your registration and not the same, it happens if you do it with the email or the email and user you have on Twitter

  • Password: you must write in this box the password or key that you created for Twitter when you registered with this social network and not with another.

It should be noted that it is necessary to write it correctly, differentiating uppercase letters from lowercase letters, numbers or signs if they have one.

So, to complete this information, all you have to do is click on the blue button that says » Log in » and so, the page or mailbox of your Twitter account will load and you will be able to interact correctly in the little bird's social network.

Nota 1 | In the event that an inconvenience or problem occurs in accessing Twitter, they will be specifically informed of the situation which most likely has been a typographical error, forgetfulness or error of some information that is requested of them and finally, if they have major problems they can use account recovery by clicking on the question that says Forgot your password? This is under the Login button and so you will need to follow the protocol they indicate for this.

Finally, I hope that with this you will not have difficulties logging in in the future and that it is something clear to do to communicate, give your opinion and express yourself on Twitter.

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