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One of the most interesting and useful attractions that Telegram offers is precisely the possibility of using this messaging service, no less than from the PC or computer, thus offering a valid option that distinguishes Telegram from other messaging services that are exclusive for use on mobile.

Well, a few days ago I wrote an extensive article in which I indicated step by step what they should do to be able to install this service on their computers and thus not depend on the mobile when they request or need to communicate. Now, in this article I will tell you how you should run this program on your computer i.e how you should log into Telegram from your PC and start using this amazing online messaging service.

Enter Telegram from PC | Step 1

First of all, it should be noted that to enter Telegram from the PC, they must necessarily carry out the installation procedure of this program on their respective computers and for this reason leave a link above where it is explained what must be done.

Having said the above, and once you have successfully downloaded and installed Telegram on your computer, you must click on the desktop icon that identifies Telegram   (a white plane on a light blue background) and then open up and log into Telegram.

Or, in case you didn't choose the option in the desktop icon installation, you will need to go to the Windows start menu and search for Telegram among the programs you have installed and click on it with the left mouse button to be able to access Telegram.

Enter Telegram from PC | Step 2

With the previous click, a central window will appear on your computer screen where you are told that it is the official Telelgram app for PC and that it is fast and safe to use. Well, here, you'll need to click the button that says Start chatting.

Enter Telegram from PC | Step 3

In the new window that has opened, you need to confirm or select the country where you reside and write correctly Your mobile phone number in the box below and then, once this is completed, you will have to click on the button NEXT.

If you already have a Telegram account, information will appear in the window that they have sent a code to your mobile number and that you need to review and therefore write this code in the corresponding box.

You will automatically log into your Telegram account where you can chat and connect with your people. This was the whole procedure for accessing Telegram from PC.

Nota 1 | Not, if you are new and this will be your first time on Telegram, you will be asked in this step to create an account and that is what we attach below.

Create a Telegram Account | Step 1

In case you have never used the Telegram messaging service, they will indicate it to you with an SMS saying Phone number not registered and below, it says: If you don't have a Telegram account yet, register with your IOS / Android or here then, you must click on one of the 2 links that appear to start registering your account on Telegram.

Create a Telegram Account | Step 2

In the new window that appears your mobile number and they will tell you that they will call you within seconds and tell you a code(s) that you need to enter in the box that says Your code so you have to wait for the call and have pencil and paper on hand to jot it down and write it down later, where it belongs.

Create a Telegram Account | Step 3

Once you have that code, you write it and automatically, a new information will appear that they require and that is write your name, last name and include a photo e, infine, click on the button Sign Up.

With that, you will have created a Telegram account and you will automatically log into Telegram.

Finally, this is the whole procedure that must be done to access Telegram from the PC after, yes, having done the respective installation of the messenger program on the computer.

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