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How do I access Pinterest? o I can't get into Pinterest! are some of the most common expressions of people who yes or yes, they want to join this social network and they don't know how to do it or, for some mysterious reason or the other, they can't. Don't worry, in Practical Resources we have prepared an explanatory and definitive guide, entitled: how to access Pinterest and not die trying, which will allow you to know how to access Pinterest correctly or without problems, whether you simply want to log in with your data or, require accessing Pinterest with Google (Gmail) or Facebook itself.In addition, we explain what you need to do to create a account and regain access and most importantly absolutely free and in Italian for you.

Sign in to Pinterest | First clarifications

  • First of all, it should be noted that only people who have created an account on Pinterest will be able to access and use it without problems from any terminal connected to the Internet and people who have not created an account will not be able to log in to Pinterest, that's clear.
  • Now, if you don't have a Pinterest user account yet, you can follow along this tutorial who will explain you step by step how to create a Pinterest account to be able to access Pinterest and get inspired by the images.

With that cleared up, let's move on to how interested parties should enter or enter Pinterest and log in without issue.

How to access Pinterest | Step 1

The first step is nothing but enter the home or cover page of Pinterest and for this users have 2 equally valid paths or options, which I describe below (choose the one that you think is most convenient for you).

  • With the search engine: you can enter Pinterest by typing in the box of the search engine you use (Google, Bing or Yahoo) the word that identifies this social network, i.e. » Pinterest » and click on the results, where it identifies this site and which is usually always the first result and will reach the cover of Pinterest.
  • With the url: you can correctly write the address or url of Pinterest or in the address bar and then click on Enter on the keyboard (if you are on a computer) this will take you directly to the first page of the site.

How to access Pinterest | Step 2

On the cover or on the Pinterest home page you will be able to see a window with the registration procedure and also a button that says Log in (used on the computer, this appears in the upper right of the recording window).

They have to click on the button that says: Login (i.e. the access method for all those users already registered on Pinterest)

How to access Pinterest | Step 3

The previous click on Login it will take you to another page with a central window equipped with a series of possibilities to access Pinterest and which are:

  • Sign in with Facebook: This option is for those users who have associated their account with Facebook and will be able to access it.
  • Sign in with Google: this other option is reserved for users who have associated their account with that of the Google social network.
  • Sign in with Twitter: This last option is for users whose account is associated with Twitter.

Finally, there are 2 boxes that must be completed for all those users who access Pinterest in the traditional way and are Email e Password. In general, this is the most used option to access Pinterest.

After adding your email and password, click the button that says Log in. With this simple procedure you will enter your Pinterest account and you will be able to share a world of images and creativity in this visual social network. That's all, I hope with this you can log in easily or get into your account Pinterest. Another day I will write in relation to other aspects of this social network.

Use °1 | Email is the email you signed up for Pinterest with, and password is the key you created during the Pinterest signup process. Remember to write them correctly, especially the password.

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