How secure is Signal Private Messenger? Pros and cons of the private App

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For this reason, many people who have preferred the usefulness of the most common programs to communicate, have decided to use Signal Private Messenger on their computer, in order to transmit information more securely.

Thanks to this preference, every day the number of people who investigate who was the creator and purpose of this application increases, as well as the advantages and disadvantages it presents, which is the aspect we're going to talk about today.

Positive aspects or advantages of using Signal Private Messenger

Fortunately for those who have devoted themselves extensively to the development of the interface and operation of this program, they know they offer a product whose disadvantages are very few and that is also an important factor for those interested in buying it.

Its main function is privacy

Many people believe that end-to-end encryption is enough to ensure the protection of information transmitted through this app, but the reality is that Signal Private Messenger has so much more.

However, this is an important factor when it comes to sending and receiving information, because once the program is downloaded, each of the messages and calls shared within its platform will be accompanied by a string of nonsense words whose only decryptor is the receiving contact.

Diversity of functions

To make the product a little more didactic, within its platform it is possible to insert much more than messages, since it allows you to make calls and video calls to other users affiliated with Signal Private Messenger.

Likewise, the use of GIFs, stickers and even emojis has also been enabled, with the purpose of forget the monotony of conversations, as well as maintaining the attraction of its users.

Settings that increase the privacy and security of messages

This set of advantages has a wide variability of functions, because each user has the possibility to define which of them best suits the type of privacy they want to use.

Mainly, there is the possibility of delete messages within a set period of time, which will start clearly from the moment the recipient is able to read the content.

Likewise, this function can also be applied to images, where each Signal Private Messenger user can define the number of times the contact will be able to view the photo before destroying it.

Also, once you learn how to use this popular application, you may realize that there is a possibility of apply a blur to images, with the purpose of hiding specific information, as well as preventing any user of the program from being able to add your number in your contacts.

Negatives or disadvantages of using Signal Private Messenger

Sometimes it is downright impossible do not compare offers provided by some products, in the presence of more common ones, and that is why, sooner or later, this effective application has some shortcomings.

Lack of common functions

There are skills that other communication programs have, such as WhatsApp, which allow you to share your location in real time and make video calls with up to 8 people, which, although it may seem of poor usability, Signal Private Messenger is missing and is a disadvantage before the competition.

Lack of members

Despite the rapid popularity it has gained and the way its users have tried to learn how to use this alternative application to WhatsApp, there is still a very small number of people who have signed up for its services.

That is why those who have joined their community have communication limitations, due to the miniscule use of members of the world population.

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