How safe is facial recognition on mobile devices?

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The security systems that mobile devices implement every day are on the rise and yet there is no guarantee that they are 100% reliable. Like security codes, unlock pattern, facial recognition, etc.

But how safe they are, in the next article we will tell you How safe is facial recognition on mobile devices?

Is that apparently all these security systems that have been implemented by the Android devices or from those of the Apple company may have a certain vulnerability.

Although Apple always takes the initiative and gets tired of saying that Face ID is much more secure than Touch ID. The truth is that these systems are being tested and the results have not been very favorable.

The evolution is such that it is possible that in a short time there will be another way to unlock your mobile device. Remember that in the beginning it all started with the password locks, then the alphanumeric codes, the unlock sequences, the fingerprint and now facial recognition to unlock Apple devices with Android.

How safe is facial recognition on mobile devices?

Everything in life has its counterpart, while on the one hand systems are created and perfected that allow you to equip your mobile devices with better means to prevent access.

On the other hand, there are those called hacker who are responsible for creating tools that allow these security systems to be fooled, in an eternal struggle.

But to understand a little more of what we are talking about, let's see what it is facial recognition. It is a technology that is based on the analysis of facial features and these are stored in a database.

But it is also known as facial biometrics and was implemented a long time ago in locks and currently at airports in the United States and China.

Then, how does this system work on mobile devices? That's a good question, the first thing you should do is take a picture of your face through your phone. This is the so-called detection phase. After that, the image is processed, where special features of the image, alignment of the eyes, nose, etc. are searched for.

This is also known as a biometric analysis and once the information on the facial features is collected, it is stored in a database.

The success of this security system depends on this scheme. And then we would go to the last step and this is the comparison, every time you want to insert your mobile you will be asked for facial recognition.

Here he compares the face that is presented, with the information stored in the database if the degree of similarity between the two models exists.

In other words, between what is memorized and what is presented to you right now. The system analyzes these models within certain ranges and if the similarity has a very high percentage, the system unlocks the mobile.

But we can trust this security method

A famous Forbes reporter conducted an experiment and used it various mobile devices or also known as Smartphones.

He also made a 3D print of her face and placed it in front of her phone to see if she could fool the security system. Her surprise was such that 4 of the 5 phones were fooled.

But his surprise was greater when he discovered that the 4 phones that had been duped had an Android operating system. And what couldn't be fooled was the iPhone X, which can show you that in Android devices facial recognition it should not be taken as the main one system of security and that Apple has a more robust and secure system.

But in general terms it is still not a 100% secure system and we recommend that you do not use it as a primary safety system. To avoid possible intrusions into the privacy of your device.

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