How often does DiDi pay its drivers?

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What do you have to do to make money with DiDi?

DIDI, as an innovative company, encourages its employees to earn money within their means as drivers. On his official website, he explains to his drivers several ways they can increase their income by working with DIDI, and the percentage that DIDI charges for each trip is quite low.

Some of the ways you can earn more in DIDI I'm:

  • Make as many trips as possible.
  • Travel during the busiest hours.
  • Recommend using DIDI to everyone you can.

How do you calculate how much to pay for the job?

Based on the distance traveled by the driver, the duration of each trip and the base fare that DIDI provides to its drivers, the company calculates how much his employees have to pay.

Something that also provides help for drivers DIDI is that the company allows them to receive suggestions from customers as long as they are not suggested by the driver, but that giving them is available to the customer if he deems it appropriate. There are so many ways to work and make money with DIDI.

How often does DiDi pay its drivers?

DIDI payment to your drivers is made on a weekly basis. Furthermore, DIDI always offers the maximum benefit to its workers, but it would help if you compare different platforms yourself to find out if UBER or DIDI is better as a driver, for example.

How can you get paid when you work at DiDi?

Payment to work at DIDI is received through the DIDI Conductor app, which you can easily find in the App Store and Google Play Store. All you need to do to receive your payment is:

  • Log in to "My wallet" nell’app DIDI.
  • Once there, click on «Balance» and then associate your bank account to receive the money directly.

How does the DiDi TAG affect you when you receive payment in DiDi?

The DIDI TAG is used so that, in each legal booth you travel through during your journey with DIDI, you can pass calmly, avoiding legal problems. You can get your DIDI TAG with the help of the DIDI driver support team, which you can contact via the app or its official website.

What you should consider when receive your payment in DIDI if you are using the DIDI TAG it is that, if you use it to your advantage on any occasion, DIDI will not cover your travel expenses. The money will have to go out of your pocket.

For this reason it is recommended that you keep a detailed record of the times you use the DIDI TAG. Therefore, when you go to receive your payment, there will be no confusion to disturb your DIDI experience.

What if I don't have banking services?

Many people may want to join DIDI, but are faced with the obstacle of not having a bank account. A very practical solution from the DIDI team is to offer a debit card to workers who do not have banking services.

This card is already available in countries such as Mexico and Brazil, thus giving job opportunities to those who are unable to obtain banking services.

We see that DIDI is a company that, unlike many today, shows interest in its employees and customers by offering them a variety of options that facilitates and improves the their experience in DIDI for many. It also makes it easy for those who want to register their business with DIDI.

Taking all these factors into account if you work or want to work with DIDI, we assure you that you will have no problem receiving the reward for your work in this company.

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