How much does Uber cost? Can you make a lot of money with Uber?

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So, you may be wondering if it's worth working for Uber as another driver. However, one wonders , is it really worth it? The answer lies in the payment. Pay is everything to the employee, because all your working hours will be rewarded.

However, when it comes to Uber, there are several things to keep in mind before applying for the job. So, below we'll answer your question about how much an Uber driver can earn and whether it's possible for you to make a living from it.

What you will earn as an Uber driver

If we talk about how much a driver earns Uber, we can spend all day talking about it, since it is very different to talk about how to use the app, from how to spend money through it. This is because there are several aspects to take into account in this, such as the number of trips you make and how much you charge during peak hours via the application.

There is also the factor of your country's currency, since you won't always earn the same in all countries if we're talking in dollars, so you can't go through something like how Uber will pay you.

However, we can always talk about the commission you will receive per trip. As long as you are paid for the trip you take, the fee Uber will retain is the 25% of the total. All that is charged here in commission is the fact that Uber can provide you with customers and the rest is yours.

Also, you need to remember that the travel price it will vary according to the distance and duration of the trip. So if there is a lot of traffic on a journey that would usually be very short, you will earn a lot more than expected.

However, we must point out one very important thing: the expenses that come after the trip.

Things to keep in mind when making money on Uber

Even if you keep the 75% of the customer's payment, there are other things that you must constantly deduct from these expenses. Among these we can mention the cost of gasoline. Every trip you take will use gasoline, and in some countries this is not a very cheap resource, so you should take this into account when considering your monthly earnings estimate.

On the other hand, to work in the team Uber, you need to keep your car clean and in good condition. So you can expect constant visits from the mechanic and cleaning service. Add to this the depreciation that comes with the car.

An old car will give you mechanical and performance problems more often than a new one. And it should be noted that Uber has a policy where the cars that are used must be as new as possible, so if your car is very old, it may be out of scope for work.

Finally, Uber has received recent criticism when it comes to yours " changes to Uber's policy ". These come without warning and affect both users and drivers and can greatly affect wages and travel prices.

So, before applying to be an Uber driver, always keep these aspects of the job in mind to make the right decision.

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