How much does it cost to subscribe to Spotify Premium for a month?

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Those regular Spotify users have the ability to listen to music for free with the condition that they listen to the ads between the songs and do without some functions, which many consider essential.

However, those users who have a Premium account, they have to pay a monthly or annual fee, with which they can get all the songs that are within the platform without any kind of advertising cut and also with options for improving the quality of the audio.

How much does it cost to subscribe a month to Spotify and what are the plans it offers

free spotify

When you have a free account within Spotify you have the option to enjoy almost any content you want, as long as you listen to the ads that will be placed there. This is a fairly limited option since you don't have the option to choose the songs you want to hear and they will mostly be linked to Premium content.

Spotify Premium

This is a ideal plan for those who are willing to save, but with the condition that they enjoy excellent service. For $ 10 a month, you have the ease of accessing various top-notch features, as well as accessing a catalog of over 35 million tracks, all without advertising.

Spotify for students

If you are a student and also have an email address associated with a Scholastic Institute official, you have the option to access the Premium rate which is based on $ 5 per month. You can also access a free Hulu membership with this rate.

Spotify family plan

With this account and monthly plan, a family group can take advantage of a Premium account which costs $ 15 per month. With this plan, you can afford to have up to six in the same account while enjoying all advantages and the songs that exist here.

Spotify con AT&T

Of all the plans you can find, this is one of the best for users of the brand AT&T. Customers who have an AT&T Unlimited & More plan have the option to sign up for a free Premium account within the platform.

Likewise, at the time of subscription, it will remain in effect till upon expiry of the contract with said company.

However, if you are not very convinced of the application, you can access a free trial which lasts six months and is only available to select customers who should not have a unlimited plan.

The platform that offers you everything and much more

Your mobile is one of the natural environments in which we can find applications like Spotify. This platform allows you to listen to your music for free or for a fee from anywhere and all at the click of a button from your mobile application or PC.

Likewise, if you are subscribed to their subscriptions, you have the option to download the songs or albums you want so that you can listen to them even without having an internet connection. Likewise, whatever your plan for enjoying the application, you have the option to set the sound quality in which you want to enjoy your songs or streaming. The important thing is that you always keep your Spotify account updated so that you can fully enjoy all its benefits.

If you have an account with a Premium license, you will have a wonderful amount of advantages with which you will have the opportunity to increase the quality of your playback since they can be configured at the desired point.

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