How much does it cost to rent Netflix?

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We've all ever thought about renting your video on demand services, would you like to subscribe? Do you know what the rates are? If you want to try it, you can watch the following article where we explain it very easily.

What are Netflix's rates like?

Le rates that Netflix offers are flat, you can cancel the month with the total security of being able to use the services unlimitedly and without increasing this monthly payment.

Of course, Netflix's terms of use reflect that the company is completely free to raise the rates of its plans and change the subscription form when it sees fit; obviously, applying it only after notifying its users sufficiently in advance.

The price to pay will depend on the chosen plan and can vary between Basic Plan, Standard Plan or Premium Plan. Your choice will depend on the internet service you have, the capacity of the electronic devices you use and on how many screens you want to rent.

Screens? Yes, you can request the service with some features that will allow you to see different programs on multiple screens in your home at the same time. If you want to be able to find the best Netflix movies and series, check out this article and take advantage of your account.

What plans does Netflix offer and how much do they cost?

You can rent the Basic Plan for only € 7,99 per month, and it offers you unlimited access to all programming, but the video quality is usable only in Standard Definition (SD) and allows you to have it only on a screen in the house at that time.

Although you can vary the devices you use and download on one device. This plan is affordable and appropriate if your internet service isn't that fast and it's for your enjoyment.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the standard plan in high definition (HD), although this is where your internet service will make a difference as you can get the most out of this offer, this is because if it is of a low speed, the quality of the video may suffer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all content in the catalog is available in HD, but you can have the service on 2 screens at the same time and you will have unlimited content for € 11,99 per month.

Finally, with the Premium Plan of € 15,99 per month you will enjoy unlimited access to everything Netflix offers in its catalog, on 4 screens simultaneously, in addition to High Definition (HD) and Ultra High quality video Definition (UHD); This plan is ideal and it will be worth it if you have TVs with high resolution capabilities, you can also download on 4 devices.

If you decide on this plan, keep in mind that not all the films and series in the catalog are in Ultra High Definition, but for only 4 euros more per month, deserves to be taken into consideration.

Now, if you are in Latin America, you can enjoy the same plans with the same features; the Basic Plan has a flat rate of $ 9, the Standard Plan $ 13 and the $ 16 Premium Plan. To find out which plan is best for enjoying Netflix with your family, you just have to look at the review we did recently, where you quickly explain them.

Now you may be wondering if by having Netflix you will be able to watch your series in good video quality; In this regard, we also made a piece of content in which we explained in which country Netflix is ​​doing better; if yours is there, you can rest assured that you won't have any problems.

Not in all parts of the world the internet works well, but in general Netflix works well even with slower internet. You already know how much it costs to hire Netflix; If this article has served you, you can leave us your opinion in the comment box, we are happy to read you.

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