How much data or megabytes does the HouseParty app use?

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HouseParty has come to stay and looks like stiff competition for that apps currently regnano eat WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger. We will go into detail on this promising application and talk about precisely how much data or megabytes it can consume.

HouseParty the best application for video calls with friends

HouseParty is currently one of the fastest growing apps. Making video calls with this app is very dynamic, fun and works wonders in terms of the stability of the video call itself.

A cross-platform application that allows us to make group video calls of up to eight people with various important functions. It doesn't matter if you have iPhone, Android or Windows. You can participate in the calls without any kind of problem.

Also, there is no need to register the phone number as it works with usernames. Best of all, you can even use the app from within Google Chrome itself without downloading anything other than a simple extension that gets installed in seconds.

Either for iOS or for Android. The app is simple to use, intuitive and works very well with both Wi-Fi and mobile data. And speaking of mobile data, here's a big question that a lot of people have : How much data or megabytes does the HouseParty app use?

How many megabytes does HouseParty consume?

What we need to clarify a lot before we begin to carefully analyze how many megabytes or data the app consumes. And this, if you are using Wi-Fi you don't have to worry about that, since you can spend ten minutes or 5 hours talking and it will be the same.

As long as you use Wi-Fi you will spend absolutely nothing so the video call will be totally free. However, if you use mobile data, the situation is different.

All apps, not just HouseParty, consume mobile data. These apps are free, but of course we have to pay the bill at the end of the month when we use the data on our device.

How much does a video call on HouseParty consume? If we talk for 10 minutes we can consume up to 103 MB and if we talk for an hour we can consume 620 MB.

So that you can compare the consumption of this app a little with others. WhatsApp consumes about 10 MB in 73,5 minutes while in one hour it can consume 440 MB. One of the video calling applications that can consume the most is Hangouts.

And that's because Hangouts video calls are of great quality in both audio and video. About 10 minutes of talk time via this app are 517 MB and an hour is 3,10 GB, which would consume a modest data rate in an hour.

HouseParty isn't close to consuming less, but it's not over the top either. The least consuming is FaceTime with 31,6 MB and Messenger with 69,1 MB every 10 minutes.

What conclusion do we arrive at? That it is always better to make video calls with Wi-Fi regardless of which app you are using. However, if your data rate is not too high, it would be advisable to make voice calls that consume less mobile data and yes, the difference is noticeable.

HouseParty has a fairly similar quality to Hangouts, but consumes far less data. So currently in terms of quality and consumption, we cannot deny that HouseParty wins the first prize.

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