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How much data does the Uber app consume for partner drivers?

If you want to start in the world of UBER as a driver, you have to take into consideration what you need to be part of Uber and then you can provide quality and punctual service for users, for this you must have internet.

Since you will not always be connected to Wi-Fi, to work easily you will need to have a data package, of which will consumed in average 3 GB per month, according to the information provided by the platform itself on its official online help site.

All these data they are used in various matters, such as displaying maps, information of interest about the user you will be looking for, among others. It is recommended that you use data packages from a mobile service provider that offers unlimited data, so you don't have the inconvenience of running out of data.

How much data does the Uber app consume by users?

Likewise, users who constantly use the UBER application, will be interested to know that the use of this app does not exceed virtually more than 3 GB.

You also have the option to take advantage of the unlimited UBER plans offered by some telephony services. For that you need to get down to business and find which of these plans are available in your region.

With all this, you will be able to continue using the UBER application without worrying about running out of data, moreover, you will request the services of the platform from anywhere, at the desired time, with your smartphone and a good data package.

However, a good option to save data when you request a UBER is to request it from your PC with Wi-Fi at home or at work before you leave if you can, as it is always a good option to request a UBER from your PC in an easy way. ..

Lite version of Uber: useful for saving your data

To your delight, you will be happy to hear that UBER recently launched the Lite version of the app, which promises to improve app performance and save data, especially on low-end and mid-range phones. This much lighter version of the application it will only take up 5MB memory on the phone.

Innovations and benefits of Uber Lite

This version of the application offers you to identify the starting point of your journey with the GPS of the phone and not to show the maps, as usual, thus saving more data. Furthermore, you will not have to write too much, you will have the possibility to choose your destination with a simple click.

It should be noted that UBER Lite has previously uploaded the most important places of interest in your city. It also has the basic features of the original version, such as connection to the 911 emergency number, safety functions, driver and trip information, car data and excellent technical support always at your disposal.

As you have already noticed, this one Lite version of the app Not only does it have advantages in terms of saving mobile data, but it also reinvents the application in some way, resulting in faster and higher quality service.

You just need to make sure this application is available in your country to download it. So don't hesitate any longer and download UBER Lite from the Play Store for Android, on your smartphone to take advantage of its incredible benefits (only available for Android devices).

Have you noticed the low amount that the UBER app consumes? Both users and driving partners they consume on average alone 3 GB month.

Se usi UBER Lite, it will be much better, as you will be able to save a lot more data for the same service and quality as ever.

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