How much data do you consume or spend listening to Internet Radio on a mobile phone?

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One of the oldest ideas that has been proposed and has ended up affirming itself in the vast majority of mobile devices that have been purchased and that we can get today, is the FM Radio application or option. This feature built into perhaps almost all phones today in the past has been a major innovation since the annoyance of lugging giant radios and stereos based on disposable batteries or those that needed to be plugged in was eliminated.

Instead, in addition to having a good handful of options, we would have the ability to listen to our favorite radio stations that existed in the area without any hassle or inconvenience. This tool was so popular and useful that the idea lasted to the point that today we can find mobile phones with very powerful operating systems such as Android or iOS, being high-end terminals with an FM Radio app modest or very variable.

Of course, this application has been changed year after year, reaching a point of total excellence and ease of use, having the possibility to tune in and listen to all the radio stations that we can find both in our city and in others. Are you still wondering? By explaining it even more in detail, in case you go on a trip somewhere, your phone will have the ability to tune into radio stations from that place without any problem.

Ma what if i want to listen to a radio station from another location while i am in my city? Don't worry, there is a solution for that. Below we will explain everything about this important detail and tool that we will need to be able to enjoy our radio stations from other places while you are in your city from the comfort of your home. Stay with us and find out what internet radio is. We will explain immediately from its advantages to its cons.

What is Internet radio and how does it work?

Given the discovery of the virtual world and networks, several ideas were raised, many people knew that this was going to be the future of entrepreneurship as such. Within these ideas it is born the possibility of broadcasting radio stations from places other than the Internet into so that in this way people from other places who want or need to listen to the radio of other states, regions, areas or even countries can listen to it at any time and when they want without any problem.

Millions of radio stations from countless parts of the world can be found on the web today, you can even listen to the radio from your iPhone. You just have to type in its respective name and you will be able to find it without any problem.

You can listen to the radio for free or in some cases you will have to pay a registration to enjoy the chapters or live broadcasts that they can present or generate for their viewers both in their hometown and around the world from the Internet.

How much data can we consume or spend while listening to an Internet radio station on our mobile phone?

Clearly, not everything has its good side, not everything is perfect. We can start by saying that you can easily listen to the radio stations you want online, but clearly you need to keep in mind that you need to have a good data plan on your mobile device. Because listening to Internet radio stations it is also quite famous for the amount of megabytes or data it can spend.

It is curious that this great service can be so expensive in the case of sacrificing our data, but the point is that it is. The moment we are listening to a radio station through its portal, relying on our respective Internet, it is very likely that 120 Mb per hour will be spent, if it is of high quality. While in medium and low quality it can reach 60 Mb per hour.

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