How much battery does Telegram use?

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Know how much battery does Telegram use it's not an easy task, especially since it involves a subjective assessment and depends on how you use the messaging app. As in many respects, WhatsApp far exceeds battery consumption, which on average can have an estimated close to 20% per day from a charge, when used intensively.

Now, when we look at their average usage compared to other messaging apps, we could take a closer look at an exercise from Mobile Enerlytics where they put 7 platforms through a one minute usage test and the result was really interesting .

Telegram, the messaging that consumes less battery

Besides Signal, which undoubtedly tops the list of least battery-consuming apps, Telegram has minimal consumption and we see that it is exceeded by Skype about 8,4 times more, while WhatsApp doubles the battery consumption in a period of use of one minute.

In one day, Telegram being the main messaging app, chatting, making video calls, sending images and audio it can have an average consumption of 400 mAh with a 4.000 mAh battery, or 10% of your mobile phone's capacity per day.

However, these numbers are still uncertain. While many people have migrated to Telegram's secure platform, the truth is that not many of our friends and contacts are still using Pavel Durov's app, mainly because the pressure from WhatsApp privacy concerns has eased and people prefer to stay comfortable in this traditional app.

Finally, if you wanted to know the amount of battery that Telegram consumes, you will stay pleasantly surprised to see that its consumption is quite low and you can use it twice as much as you use WhatsApp without fear of running out of charge in the middle of the day.

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