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Why do people use Facebook so much and what's so attractive about the social network?

It must be taken into account that by 2021 it is estimated that 60% of the world population has internet access. While not all of these people use Facebook regularly, the number of new users continues to grow.

This is because Facebook it works as a meeting point. With globalization, people are not tied to the borders in which they were born. This means you can celebrate the birthdays of family and friends or keep up with their lives just by checking their Facebook account.

Another feature widely used in this social network is that of groups, where we can meet people who share our interests. Many marriages have arisen from this interaction.

Also, many influencers use Facebook pages like contact center with its community, promoting products, conducting surveys or planning future events.

On the other hand, we can use the "Marketplace" Facebook shop to buy, sell or exchange a product. This is a famous feature because we can sell without having to pay any commission.

How many people log into Facebook per day?

When we say that Facebook is the most used platform, we are not kidding. This account with over 2.400 millions of active users monthly. This is more than the average of YouTube users with 2 billion.

With over 4.200 million registered users in total, Facebook has competition from over 65% of its users active per month.

This it's a surprising statistic as multi-accounts, deceased users and corporate accounts are accounted for and even in this case the number exceeds 50%.

How many people in the world use Facebook?

As of April 2021, the number of Facebook users in India it exceeded 330 million, while in the United States the number dropped to 190 million. Followed by Indonesia and Brazil with respectively 140 and 130 million users.

However, although Asian countries are the ones that use this platform the most, beyond the 55% of Facebook users speak English. Other popular languages ​​are Spanish with 16%; Hindu and Arab with 8% each, Indonesian and Portuguese with 7% each.

How much is it used in Latin America?

With Brazil that is the fourth country that uses Facebook the most, it is foreseeable that the interest in the Latin American market will be evident. Mexico also tops the user list with fifth place out of 95 million users.

As one of the business models for Facebook is the sale of advertising and marketing space, it is imperative to be clear about the demographics of the shoppers. For example, in Latin America, 8 out of 10 Facebook accounts belong to a person under the age of 44.

Knowing this gives companies a tactical advantage when making marketing plans. In addition, the penetration of social networks in the population of countries such as Chile and Argentina corresponds to over 70% of their population.

Ma and Costa Rica have 67% network penetration, Colombia and Mexico 63%. This is well above the world average of just 45% penetration, which makes Latin America a giant in the market of online advertising.

Next, we will show a list with the main Latin American countries that use Facebook constantly per month:

  •  Brazil: 130 million users
  •  Mexico: 95 million users
  •  Colombia: 37 million users
  •  Argentina: 31 million users
  •  Perù: 26 million users
  •  Chile: 23,5 million users
  •  Guatemala: 7 million users
  •  Dominican Republic: 5,6 million users
  •  Honduras: 4 million users
  •  El Salvador: 3,5 million users
  •  Costa Rica: 3,2 million users

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