How many people can watch Disney Plus at the same time on the same account?

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Disney Plus offers its customers the ability to do a free subscription for a few days or a standard subscription in Spain of 6,99 euros per month; or € 69,99 per year.

If we talk about economics, it is ideal to share a Disney Plus account with friends or family, so that the payment is among more; This mode is also popular with Netflix. But how many people can enjoy Disney Plus on the same account at the same time? Let's find out how to do it together in this post.

Activate Disney Plus in Spain as a Movistar Plus user

Currently you can enjoy watching Disney Plus through Movistar; Well, in Spain you can already enjoy this platform and then you can share the same account between 7 users. For this, everyone will only have to create their own profile, but only 4 people will be able to view the content simultaneously.

Therefore, the most successful thing would be to share the account between 4; since if there are 7 profiles, 3 will remain without displaying the desired content, having to wait for some of the contents of the other 4 users to finish.

How many Disney Plus profiles can I view on the same account at the same time?

You can connect 4 devices simultaneously ; These users with different profiles will be able to watch different content, obviously on different screens, without problems. Additionally, you will have the option of create 7 profiles ; at this point, each user can explore the downloaded content and view series or films already seen.

Each highlights that only 4 of these 7 profiles will be able to enjoy watching Disney Plus at the same time. All this thanks to the monthly subscription on the Disney Plus platform, with a single price, without resorting to Premium Plans.

Unlike Netflix or HBO, in Disney plus you can share the account with 4 profiles, you will enjoy all the contents at a low cost of less than 2 euros per month.

Account sharing functionality

Each person with a different profile it will not harm the contents of others. Each user can save the favorites list, downloads and languages ​​or subtitles separately. Disney Plus allows you to create different types of profiles.

For example, you can create child profiles for children on Disney Plus; which are intended solely for boys and girls, in order to limit some content that is not appropriate for their age.

Disney + will allow you to download series or movies so you can enjoy them again or if you don't have a connection. can download the content on up to 10 devices. If you reach the maximum number of downloads, you must delete the downloads from one device before downloading them to another.

As a final feature, you can only enjoy Disney + content if you are in the country where you signed up or in any other country that enjoys the platform. Well, it is not yet known whether the account can be shared with other people who do not live in the same house.

Disney + 4K Simultaneous 4-screen piano

Disney + in the basic subscription offers access to 4K content and therefore the use of 4 screens at the same time. Offers a subscription more economic and technically more complete. Nowadays, any screen offers us HD quality.

Create profiles to watch Disney Plus at the same time on the same account

You can create Disney Plus profiles in the application or on the web. In the app you have to enter it, press the profile picture located on the right side of the screen in the corner. Once there, you will see all profiles created in your account, here you can add a profile or edit the ones you already have.

Disney + has an amazing experience in save monthly expenses generated by this platform. Although this form of entertainment is much cheaper than others, only 4 of the 7 profiles will be able to enjoy the content at the same time.

Now that you know how many people you can share your Disney Plus account with, discuss it with your friends and family so they can enjoy series and movies in one place.

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