How many megabytes or data is spent on a Viber call?

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Viber is one of the most prominent video calling applications today, with it it is possible communicate appropriately over the Internet, but this can generate a lot of consumption if we are using our data.

Why is it important to know how many megabytes are spent on Viber?

Are you wondering what Viber Out is? In short, Viber is an application designed to communicate via calls and messages, the application becomes very famous and is a direct competitor of applications such as WhatsApp or Skype.

The truth is that our current world allows us to do things we previously thought impossible, today communication is at the highest point of all history. Through ours mobile devices we can communicate with people anywhere in the world, Viber is one of these applications.

In any case, something must be taken into consideration when using the services of video call provided by Viber. This is done via the Internet, in the case of an unlimited Wi-Fi connection it will not present any problems, but this can be an inconvenience in relation to the data.

Data and your information

Most of the mobile operators around the world have limited internet systems, plans that will allow us to surf up to cover a certain monthly fee or depending on what is paid. Unfortunately the data is not free and in many cases it is necessary to save them.

Le data rates vary, in any case it will always be necessary to take this into account in order not to exceed the budget.

Video calls usually consume a lot of data, but just as mobile data consumption can be saved when watching videos on YouTube, the consumption related to applications like Viber can be reduced, but first it's better to know how much data Viber actually consumes.

How many megabytes or data is spent on a Viber call?

After downloading Viber for mobile or PC it is absolutely necessary to take into account the data consumption of services like Viber. This way you will avoid subsequent headaches and will not consume all your precious data.

How much do Viber video calls consume

Viber is an application characterized by the quality of its calls, both video and conventional calls. Even so, this has a drawback and that is that consumption in megabytes can be high after some time.

It has been established that the consumption of Viber is around 3MB per minute, in other words we could determine that a call of about 10 minutes would consume 30MB to 50MB.

This should be taken into consideration for not overcome the your set data quota, this way you'll avoid the hassle of running out of data in an important circumstance.

How much do Viber calls consume

As you can imagine, in the case of calls, the consumption is usually lower, since only the audio signal is transmitted. In any case, if you are not careful, you can consume all data on your mobile, so please note the following.

The approximate consumption for calls made with the Viber application is 1,5MB per minute, which would mean that a 10 minute call would result in consumption between 15MB and 30MB.

In the event that you need to make a call using your data, it is advisable to go to the various branches, as the consumption will be higher than that of voice calls. Even so, it is best to use a wireless network and choose the best Wi-Fi signal channel with the fastest speed, so as to do not waste quickly i give .

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