How many devices can I use Amazon Prime Video on at the same time?

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Today we will answer this question as it is something millions of people do to save money and have an account on their service streaming favorite. If you like Amazon Prime Video and want to save money with the help of a friend and family member, sharing the account isn't a bad idea.

What you should keep in mind before sharing a Prime Video account are some details that don't work the same way as an account Netflix. It is important to read and consider them before sharing your Amazon account with other people.

Can the account be shared on Amazon Prime Video?

It is quite common for a streaming service account, whatever it is, to be shared among family or friends. This splits the cost of the message and we can save a good amount of money while enjoying the content from these platforms.

In the case of Netflix, the same company acknowledged that they have no problem with allowing their users to share accounts to save on expenses. Which is a very positive point for this company, which today is a leader in the streaming market.

However, in the case of Amazon Prime Video and other companies they are not that open about it. But that doesn't mean you can't share an account. As it is actually possible to use multiple devices at the same time with Prime Video.

How does it work? Basically you can watch series and movies simultaneously on up to three devices. However, we can have all the devices we want linked to the same account. The only problem is that only three devices they will be able to play content at the same time.

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How many devices can I open Amazon Prime Video on?

The difference between Netflix and Prime Video is pretty obvious right from the start. Netflix allows us to create different profileswhich is a huge advantage when we have a shared account. Everyone creates their own profile with their own name and that's it. The content that different people consume at no time is mixed, to say the least.

At Amazon this is very different, as it does not allow us to create profiles. We log into our account with our login details and that's it. Which can complicate things slightly when we try to watch someone else's same series using the account.

Amazon Prime, like Netflix, other streaming channels, you can install it on your Smart TV to be able to watch movies and series more comfortably

Something you should pay close attention to in the case of Amazon Prime Video is who you share the account with. When you sign up for Prime Video, you also get a Prime account on Amazon, which means that the person who has access to it can place orders on your behalf from Amazon and simply change the delivery address.

Therefore, in case you decide to share your Amazon Prime Video account, we strongly recommend that you do so with a person you know. Maybe a family member or friend who is too close.

So, you already know the answer to the question of how many devices I can use Amazon Prime Video at the same time? You can play on up to three devices at the same time. While you can have your account linked to as many devices as you want.

Amazon Prime Video is excellent and has a great deal of original content that you won't find on other platforms.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you may be interested to know that you can link your Amazon account to the Twitch Prime service.

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