How does someone else get stuck on HouseParty?

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In this sense, when we join or enter new apps and platforms, one of the first things we take into consideration is whether it allows us to block other people.

Well, here we will talk a little about this service which is gaining popularity in 2020 and of course we will learn how to easily block that unwanted user.

What is HouseParty?

You may have come to this post because you have heard and read about the new one Application that is making its way, especially in this age where remote communication is a necessity.

Well, let's clarify that HouseParty is not a brand new creation, in fact it was launched in 2016, but it didn't have much popularity. In it you can access the so-called HouseParty rooms or private parties.

Specifically, it is a social network type service, which works with group chats via desktop and mobile applications. In this sense, it is available for both Android mobile or portable devices, as well as for iOS and macOS computers.

Block someone else on HouseParty

To get started, you have to have the application installed, if you are starting with this, you can get it in the Store of each operating system, Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

So you need to follow the steps and sign in, connect contacts using the same App e the same thing about this kind of thing. Now, after this, or if HouseParty has already been used, we will block the person in question.


For this we will place an icon with an emoji or a face that are the " Friends «.

After pressing on it, a window will open with two options, as the first must be selected " Add friends »To take us to the following settings. In this section there are several ways to add friends, but we will choose the first one again, called " Add by name «.

In this way we will have a search bar, where we will write the name of the user we want to block. You can also locate or search for the person directly from the option " Friends »And then from the second section« I my friends «.

After entering the person's nickname or user, it is selected as if you were to write a message or start a conversation. Since a nut or a gearwheel will appear right next to the name " Settings ”, Where the option to block will be placed.

With this quick and easy process, someone else is stuck in HouseParty. But it doesn't have to be permanent, when you want to unlock you just have to adjust your preferences again.

Unblock someone

If someone was blocked by mistake or you no longer want to keep a user in that state, you can easily reverse the process shown above. You just have to run the application and direct the action to the menu » Friends «, Using the smiley face icon at the top left of the screen.

Consequently, we will access this panel where we will identify the friend or contact you want unlock in the HouseParty.


This can be achieved through the option " Add friends »To search by typing the name or using« I my friends »To find it manually.

If you opt for the first option, immediately afterwards you will have to choose the method " Add by Name »And type the Nick Name of the person. Consequently, we will see next to his name, on the right side, a red button with the word " Unlock «, This shows that its current state is blocked.

Now, you just have to give this option " Unlock »So that the App will send us a notice in which we can confirm that you want to unblock the user.

Therefore, in it you have to press the right option called, also, " Unlock «, And that will be enough to remove the block from the chosen person.

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