How do you pause a HouseParty video?

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This application it has gained a lot of popularity and users in the last month they have a somewhat confusing distribution of functions for new participants. It is even normal to have doubts about the security of the HouseParty application.

And if we add to that the fact that it's still in English, the Spanish-speaking community might have a little more difficulty adjusting. But nothing that has no solution.

Therefore, and to make it easier to use, we have decided to take a step by step on how to pause a video in this application, as well as some extra tricks and data.

Previously: start the conversation

To get started, you need to run the HouseParty application, in it, with the session started, you need to start a conversation or video call.

For this, you just have to access the App options menu, which is achieved by swiping the arrow located on the main screen from bottom to top. He says " Scroll up ". In the tab that opens, choose from the connected contacts the ones you want to start a video call with.

To do this, click on the icon » Join »Or with a phone that will appear next to the name of each available user, they must accept the request to start the video call.


The option to pause the video

With the video call already started and while you are at it, you can make many changes or actions, including pausing a HouseParty video.

In this sense, you just have to look for the icon that has three points, at the bottom and right of the screen, and in it select the drawing of a " Camera ". However, everything will depend and vary according to the version you have, since, for example, iOS comes with a lot more options.

With this it will be enough, so that the image of the video call is paused, keeping the audio and the connection with other people connected. Best of all, it's a reversible setup, so it can be reactivated by doing the same procedure.

So yes, you can pause the video to do whatever you need to do and then re-enter. But remember that so far we have only stopped the image and not the audio, be careful what you say!

What else does HouseParty allow me to do?

In addition to pausing a HouseParty video, the application allows a series of settings or customizations various.

For example, while on a video call with one or more people, the sound can be paused at any time.

And to do this, you just have to besiege the icon " Microphone «, Click on it and voila, the sound of conversation will have been messo in pause without affecting video playback.


On the other hand, one of the peculiarities that characterize this service is the possibility that any contact that has been added can join a video call without an invitation.

Consequently, if you want to keep or have a room or conversation as private, you have to find and tighten a padlock in the central part, this is called " closed room «.

Similarly, when you want or need to leave a room, simply choose to press one " X »Which remains on the right side of the screen and at the bottom.

Another benefit to take into consideration is its ability to have up to eight participants per video call, giving them some fun chaos (according to some).

And after touching the App, using it is very simple, comfortable and pleasant in order to create the fun one " house party »With friends or family.

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