How do I know if my partner has Tinder?

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Undoubtedly, Tinder is the application of the moment for all those singles who want to meet new people or, rightly so, to be able to flirt or find a partner. Now, unfortunately, this service is also used by some people who have a partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) looking for an adventure behind or hidden from their partner or spouse and for this reason in Practical Resources we want to offer a definitive guide to how to know if my partner has tinder which consists of 3 great solutions that can be performed to find out if your girlfriend or boyfriend uses Tinder and be able to face this painful deception or infidelity with certainty or, so that they can breathe a sigh of relief in front of doubts or suspicions that you are performed.

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How to know if my partner has Tinder | Solution no. 1

The first option requires you to have some » technological tricks » and » logins » that will allow you to find out in a positive way if your partner has or has had Tinder.

  • Trick for Android | I tell you that you must access the Google Play Store precisely, from the mobile terminal and from your partner's Google account since otherwise it cannot be done. Well, if they have these » logins «, they will need to log in and go to the Tinder page in the store now and they will need to see if it allows the app to be rated.

Did you know that app rating can only be done if the app has been downloaded? Indeed, this is the case and on the other hand, applications that have not been downloaded cannot be rated in any way. This way, if they see that the Tinder app qualifies, they can conclude that Tinder has been used or that Tinder is being used on a mobile phone with that Google user.

  • Trucco per iPhone, iPad o iPod Touch | In this other case they must act in the same way, i.e. with their partner's access they must enter the application page in the App Store and if it appears " Free » then everything is fine (the app has not been installed by Tinder) and in case a cloud icon with a kind of arrow appears, it means that the Tinder application has been downloaded at some point and certainly has been used or is being used by your partner.

Certainly, this couple of tricks on how to know if my partner has Tinder can give you valuable insights into using this app to flirt with their partners. Now, as you will see, it is not possible to define correctly if it has been used or if it is used by their partners, leaving some uncertainty that can be clarified with the following solution, which for me is the best way to clarify doubts of cheating and cheating on Tinder .

How to know if my partner has Tinder | Solution no. 2

The second option is much easier to do or perform than the previous one and basically consists of logging into Tinder and looking for your partner in this application, but to do this, it will take a bit of coolness and tricks to get to the truth which I will analyze how to do this below.

I'll explain to you, first of all you should think about create an account on Tinder with an identity that is not yours so that in this way you are not discovered by your partners (if they use Tinder) and also, this account that they must be created some photos of a person who is very real and at the same time something attractive or attention-grabbing ( I'll tell you what the idea of ​​this is). Well, when they have it ready and figured out, they will be able to register from a mobile phone that they have or, from the PC or computer that can also be done.

Once registered with a » simulated identity «, the real action begins… Well here, you have to make the necessary adjustments to undertake an accurate search for your partner and in addition to this, you need to know how far away your partner is from you at that moment to start the search… But what is it for? Well, Tinder is a geosocial application that allows you to meet people in a close range and in this way, the closer your partner is to you, the more limited and easier it will be to search for your partner on Tinder among the users present.

Once you clear this up and you close your partner, they will go to their detection settings in Tinder and reduce the maximum distance or radius to 1 or 2 kilometers to search for users in Tinder and after that, the age range will be narrowed down to that which being the minimum, your partner has a range of 4 years, however it is advisable to leave a margin greater than the age because many or many, they can put another age and when they have defined the distance and the age then, it's time for the truth or to search for your match on Tinder.

The idea basically consists in the give the dislikes to the profiles that follow one another - one after the other - until the end and exhaustively (by the way, if you live in a densely populated place it will take longer to do this). Finally, and in the event that a profile of their partner has not appeared and this has not left the distance they have put then, they can breathe a sigh of relief or, to make sure better, they can expand the search criteria (distance and age) and repeat the search in a more extensive and detailed way.

Now, and if in case your partner gets discovered on Tinder then, you have two options, either confront him and show him his profile or else, you can do something much better and that is give a «I like it» to their partner's profile on Tinder and hope that this is mutual so that the «Match» arise and then, be able to start an attractive and suggestive conversation to see all the intentions of that individual they have as a couple and finally with more evidence to face it.

Without a doubt, this solution on how to know if my partner has Tinder is the most effective or the best that can work.

Note no. 1 | Just in case, if your partner is on Tinder, I recommend you take a screenshot (a photo) of your partner's profile on Tinder so you can keep the proof of the cheating on TInder whether you address it or not .

How to know if my partner has Tinder | Solution no. 3

One last option and one that is worth mentioning here, is a rather interesting and tasty application that has been making itself known for some time and that I am attaching below, so that you can take a look at it.

swipe buster | is a web page that allows anyone interested to undertake a search to find out who they want on Tinder, whether it's a boyfriend or girlfriend or a friend, colleague or whoever they want.

To use this service, you have to enter your name, age, gender and some geographical approximation and in a few seconds you will have the result including photo, last connection and also if you are looking for men or women. Now, it is worth noting that this service is not free as it costs $6,99 USD and you have 3 attempts to start the search and try to find the person you are looking for on Tinder.

Finally, these are the 3 solutions above how to know if my partner has tinder and therefore, you don't have to die with the doubt or uncertainty of knowing if your boyfriends or girlfriends are cheating on you or are unfaithful with this application for meeting people and flirting.


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