How can I save mobile data when using Facebook on my Android or iPhone?

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And above all if we use the most used social network in the world like Facebook. That is why we present the following article that will teach you How can I save mobile data when using Facebook on my Android or iPhone?

From its origins to the present moment, its growth as a portal that holds family and friends together regardless of distance. And it has included a large number of features, making it one of the top options for millions of users around the world. But this large number of tools it has included is a great waste of data.

For this reason it is important that consumers and users of this network save as much as possible on mobile data. And in the following tutorial you will learn how to do it in a very simple way like we did so that you can search or find old friends on Facebook with their name.

How can I save mobile data when using Facebook on my Android or iPhone?

You are already aware of the large amount of data that the use of this social network on your mobile can consume and if you did not know it, Facebook has a function that allows you to save the data. This is good news if you have a limited data plan and then we will tell you what you should do for  save mobile data when using Facebook on my Android or iPhone.

But since I can use this feature and reduce my data plan substantially, for that we will explain the steps you need to follow to activate the energy saving mode. You can perform these operations on any device regardless of what operating system you are using Android or iPhone, because we will work directly from the Facebook application.

The first thing you need to do is enter the application from your mobile, log in and when you are on the main page go to the top of the screen and press the three-line icon. This will show you a menu and you will need to scroll down and into the section Help and Settings. You need to select the option Application settings.

The action above will take you to different options that you can activate via a slide switch. And to get started, turn off the Upload photos in HD option, this will be done by pressing the switch and swiping to the left. When you perform this action, it will change from blue to gray indicating that the option has been successfully disabled.

Don't worry, your photos will only look good in lower quality and thus you will save your mobile data, the same as you should with the Upload video in HD option. If you have the Opera Mini browser on your device, you must have the Externally Open Links option enabled. So that way they won't open in the Facebook application.

Activation of the data saving functions when using Facebook

Now you need to click on the Auto Play option, this will take you to a new window and here you will make the following selection. You are about to click on the sign Only with WiFi connections. This way you will avoid automatically playing any video and will only do it when there is a WiFi connection.

Now go back to the Settings section and choose the Data saving option, through this function, which is a novelty among the application's features. It will allow you to make configurations to automate the saving of data on Facebook.

Here in this window you will find two options that you need to activate, these are  Data backup enabled and Always disable data backup with WiFi connection.

In this way you have made an adjustment that will guarantee you a saving of data. So in this way we conclude this article which shows you very easily how can i save mobile data when i use facebook on my android or iphone.

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