How can I make an App like Uber?

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Then we think about the benefits of working for Uber as a driver or delivery clerk, being your own boss, with your own schedules and a reasonable pay. And finally, let's think about the immense ones benefits of being the creator of this application.

It is interesting to think that Uber does not offer transport services, what it does offer is technological intermediation, the possibility of requesting a service more easily and of obtaining more customers in the case of drivers. Wherever you look at it, everyone benefits, but obviously some more than others.

And this is what drives entrepreneurs to want know how to design something like this. In this article we will talk about that idea in a realistic way, addressing points such as the difficulties this project would entail and the responsibilities that its realization requires.

How difficult is it to develop an application like Uber?

There are hundreds of platforms that have tried using a system like Uber's. Some have failed, while others are still standing. What determines your success? There good planning.

As explained at the beginning, for this type of industry to work it requires participation of various stakeholders. As this is something that escapes the hands of the creators, the design and mastery of this platform could be complicated and difficult to scale. But good planning can cover these difficulties.

What responsibilities does an activity like this entail?

The use of technology these days has sparked some controversy in the legal and tax systems of some places. The transport sector is highly regulated by law, so the limits that may exist between it and apps like Uber are still a sensitive issue on some sites.

For example, some legal sources in Argentina think that the fairest thing for Uber is that by offering regular work, they also have a subsidiary that pays taxes. And this is not the only country where there are legal loopholes in the marketing of intangible assets.

So our advice is: When you think about making a project like this, you need to be aware of the legal complications which may occur in the future and inform themselves quite well.

What would be the difference between your app and Uber's?

Logically, there must be some differences, so it is necessary indicate in way specific what would be the type of service, identity, payment method, cost and programming of the application. There are many variations when it comes to an app like Uber, and most entrepreneurs would look for the way top to differentiate it. For the sample one button: it's Cabify that you can download from the Play Store.

How Much Could I Earn?

The app economy is increasing every year, so the estimated value for 2021 is of 6 trillion US dollars. Of course, these figures include announcements within the applications, as well as the collection of commissions and withholdings.

Every day the number of people downloading apps keeps increasing. This is why many see their development as one secure source of income and employment.

Can I create an application like Uber's if I don't know how to program?

Yes, there are multiple platforms to build applications of this style. You just have to choose one of your preferences, and at the time of insertion you will indicate the steps to follow to design your application. These types of platforms are easy to use because they are designed for people who don't know how to code.

Of course, when you create an application through these means, you should be aware that your project will not be as successful as the Uber application. So, if your dreams are ambitious, our advice is to study programming.

However, if you don't have even the slightest knowledge of this area, don't be discouraged, use application creators to help you design is a good start and if your ideal is a project it's something simple with local purposes, it's not bad at all.

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