How can I find out my phone number on Android or iPhone with no balance - Quick and easy

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It turns out that many times we buy a smartphone and very rarely resort to reading the instructions for use. And it happens that we need to know our phone number and we have forgotten it and we search like crazy on the mobile and we do not find it.

If this situation makes you pull by the hair, we recommend that you read on  How can I find out my phone number on Android or iPhone with no balance? Quick and easy.

Believe it or not, this is something that usually happens very frequently, especially if you have changed your chip and since it is a new number you do not remember it or you have simply lost where you wrote it. But this is something that should no longer keep you awake as our phones register the owner's phone number in their system.

Currently, iPhone and Android devices they may have some similarity with respect to the position of some functions. Or to use the applications, in a previous tutorial we were able to show you the best music players with equalizer and visual effects.

How can I find my phone number on Android or iPhone with no balance?

It is important that you learn this trick very well that we will teach you in the next article, so as not to relive this terrible experience. So you can know your phone number on Android or iPhone with no balance. We will show you two methods for each operating system so that you can solve this problem forever.

We will start by showing you what to do if in your case you have a phone with an Android operating system. This is simply because it is the most used in the world. Remember that there are many brands and models that use Android as their operating system, so it may vary a bit as you locate the number.

The first method you will use to find out my phone number with no balance is to search in the Contacts application. Go to the main screen and select this option, then when you are in the directory you will see at the top of the screen according to the language Yo or Me and your phone number should appear there, how easy it is, you do not think.

The second method we will show you so that you can find your phone number without balance is the universal method. It consists of going to the main screen of your mobile and selecting the Settings option. After entering this window, you will scroll down to the bottom and find the Device Information option.

Here you will look for the Status option, this will show you all the information regarding the SIM card, the IP address and IMEI. Here you need to find your phone number, if not, click on the SIM Status option. And here you will find an option My phone number and so you will have what you were looking for.

How can I find out my phone number on iPhone without balance?

If, on the other hand, you are one of the users of the prestigious Apple brand and you use a device that works with the iOS operating system. We will point out that there are also two methods for know your phone number with no balance. In the first, you will go to the main screen where all the apps are located.

After you are there, you will go to the bottom of the screen and choose Contacts, when you open this application the first number that appears is your mobile number. This method is very similar to what we use with Android phones. Now we will go to the second method, you will go to Mobile settings.

After entering you will have to go down to the last options and choose Phone and here you will find a section with the My number information. By indicating what the mobile number is and in this way you will have solved your problem and through this article you learned how i can find my phone number on android or iphone with no balance.

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