How can I calculate the letter of the electronic DNI and what is the DNIe for?

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Beyond the advantages and usefulness that this tool represents, such as searching or identifying people by name and surname, as this allows people to be quickly identified through the Internet. Well, for this there is an important element that many people do not know and that is the letters.

If you're wondering why, you should know that every letter of yours ID has an alphabetic value, which is usually found at the end of each identification number.

These have how they work as verifiers, in this way the authority ensures that the number before it is real and therefore correct, since they are not placed randomly. There are various methods by which you can check and extract said letter and that's what we will teach you in this post.

What does electronic DNI consist of and what are the advantages it offers in Spain?

The DNI-E is known as the electronic version of the national identity document, which allows the authority to verify various data of identity and, likewise, being able to run various processes on the Internet.

To some extent, many see the DNI as a digital signature, which has the ability to allow them to carry out various procedures of a legal nature with corresponding agencies such as the Tesoro o Social Security.

Among the many advantages of this document, it is important to say that it also helps you with some financial institutions, so that they can control your data, and thus facilitate the exchange of information. Best of all, you can renew electronic DNI certificates whenever you want.

How to check and calculate the letter DNI

If you are here to calculate the letter of the DNI-E, you shouldn't worry or do a lot of thinking, as this is one of the easiest tasks in the world.

The rule for doing this is simple, you just have to divide yours Identification No and based on the remaining number you can be assigned a letter.

However, it is important to know that these letters tend to vary and are not in alphabetical order. Here is a list to guide you on this:

  • If the remainder is 0, the letter T.
  • If the remainder is 1, the letter R.
  • If the remainder is 2, the letter W.
  • If the remainder is 3, the letter A.
  • If the remainder is 4, the letter G.
  • If the remainder is 5, the letter M matches.
  • If the remainder is 6, the letter Y matches.
  • If the remainder is 7, the letter F.
  • If the remainder is 8, the letter P.
  • If the remainder is 9, the letter D.
  • If the remainder is 10, the letter X matches.
  • If the remainder is 11, the letter B matches.
  • If the remainder is 12, the letter N.
  • If the remainder is 13, the letter J.
  • If the remainder is 14, the letter Z matches.
  • If the remainder is 15, the letter S.
  • If the remainder is 16, the letter Q matches.
  • If the remainder is 17, the letter V matches.
  • If the remainder is 18, the letter H.
  • If the remainder is 19, the letter L.
  • If the remainder is 20, the letter C matches.
  • If the remainder is 21, the letter K.
  • If the remainder is 22, the letter E matches.

And what about foreigners? Expatriates residing in Spain have a Company Tax Code composed of a letter which can be X, Y and Z, a 7-digit number and a control code. The latter is determined in the same way as the letter of the DNI; dividing it for 23 and based on the result a unique code is determined.

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