How can I become a DiDi member?

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There are many passengers who daily request the services of this transport platform to reach their workplaces or return home. That's why you should know that whoever wants to be DiDi partners has to satisfy several extremely important requirements. 

Only those who pass all the requirements that we will explain below will be able be part of the partners of this famous car rental company. Those who are approved and subsequently fail to comply with any requirement or complaints are made against them for disservice, they can be suspended by the company.

Requirements for being a DiDi member

First of all, you should know that DiDi offers several ways to become a member. You can be:

  • Driver partner: those partners who have the own car and availability driving.
  • Driver without a car: Member without his own car but willing to drive.
  • Non-driver member: is the member who does not drive but has car available for rental.

For each one, you have to meet different requirements, but generally speaking, and depending on the country you are in, all of them must meet the following legal requirements to be a driver in Didi:

  • Valid official identification
  • Current driving license
  • Valid registration certificate
  • Letter with no criminal record
  • Car insurance policy

Furthermore, to be a DiDi member, you must be of legal age, honest, respectful and authentic, attach great importance to passenger safety, provide good customer service, and duly comply with your city's transport and road laws and regulations. guide.

On the other hand, you need to know which cars or cars Didi accepts, since the your vehicle must meet a number of characteristics, which the company requires for its fleet and which guarantee better customer service.

DiDi vehicle requirements

In order to be part of the DiDi partners, cars must meet a series of specifications to be accepted, including the following:

  • Model 2012 or later: DiDi wants to offer its customers cars that are no more than 10 years old.
  • Minimo 4 door: All doors must be in good condition, thus ensuring better passenger safety.
  • Good condition: It must not show cosmetic damage, the good presentation of a car is very important for the customers and for the good name of the company.
  • Capacity at least 4 additional passengers to the driver.
  • Air conditioning and windows that function normally, for greater passenger comfort.
  • ABS brakes: which guarantee greater vehicle stability and prevent skidding and therefore accidents.
  • Safety airbag for driver and passengers.
  • Private insurance with wide coverage.
  • The vehicle must not have any emblems or belong to a taxi fleet or any government institution.

Now that you know the requirements to be a DiDi e vehicle requirements, maybe you realized you were satisfying them. So we invite you to register as a partner of this great company through its website or by downloading the DiDi Conductor application from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone.

DiDi is here to stay, without a doubt, offering the best travel rates for customers and excellent earnings for its members. Compared to other transportation applications, DiDi is known for providing higher revenue to its drivers. Become a DiDi partner and increase your profits and profits quickly and easily.

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