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And is that you can easily and quickly request an Uber to take you to the place you want. But how they come calculate Uber fares? Here we explain it to you.

Factors Affecting Uber Fares

Let's first know the factors that influence Uber fares so that you can understand the reasons for the prices that apply to travel and the different services of the platform.

  • Basic or standard rate: it is the price that is applied for the charge for the minutes elapsed and the kilometers traveled during the trip. This fare determines the approximate price of the trip.
  • Registration fee: it is an additional fixed cost that is applied to the base fee to cover operational, regulatory and safety costs. This rate varies from country to country and city to city depending on applicable laws.
  • High-demand zones and times: To meet user demand, the platform temporarily raises prices in certain zones and at specific times so that more driver members travel to the zone until is restored the balance between supply and demand.

Types of Uber fares

Taking into account the factors explained above, then we can say that Uber manages two types of fares. The standard rate and the dynamic rate. There standard rate it is a base price that is calculated based on time and distance, depending on the type of service chosen. You can consult this fare from the application when requesting immediate travel or making a travel request in advance.

On the contrary, the dynamic rate is applied when the demand from Uber users increases, higher rates are applied in some areas so that more driving partners travel to that area and thus meet the demand.

Through the app, users can see that the dynamic fare is activated before confirming a trip. Therefore, they will have the option to accept it or wait for the tariff to be regulated.

How to calculate the Uber fare?

You already know the theory, now let's move on to the practical part. We're about to take an Uber trip, as I can calculate the fare for a trip before confirming it? You have several ways to do this:

  • Directly from the app: When you open the Uber app on your mobile, go to the "Where are you going?" Bar. Then, enter your destination address and the application will automatically present you with the available Uber services and the rates for each.
  • From the Uber website: You can calculate the fare for an Uber trip to any city where Uber is available via the Uber fare estimator tool. So you can know the price of your trip and calculate your budgets.
  • For scheduled trips: If you want to know the fare of a trip that you will plan for another time, enter the application and press the symbol of a car with a clock next to the "Where are you going?" Choose your travel date and time, you can schedule up to 30 days in advance.
  • Then, select your destination and you will automatically be presented with the available service options and the fare for each of them.

Even if you want to know the breakdown of an Uber fare for a trip, you can do it. In the application, after entering your destination, when you have the available services, select the type of Uber service you want to request.

There you will see the details of the service and an information symbol will appear next to the rate, by pressing it you will see the detail of the rate applied to that service.

Now that you know how to calculate Uber fares for each of your trips, you can be confident that you are going where you need to go without breaking your budget. Additionally, Uber offers you various forms of payment for your convenience, and you can even split the Uber fare to pay for it among multiple friends. Enjoy these and other excellent services Uber has for you.

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