How a simple whatsapp can ruin your life

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If we had to choose the application we use the most every day, it would undoubtedly be WhatsApp. While not our favorite messaging app, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular application and denying it just means not being able to communicate with most of the people around us.

During the day we send hundreds of messages, to the family, to the couple or to our group of friends. From writing a simple "Hello" to sharing that viral video circulating on the Internet, WhatsApp is a social phenomenon and like all social phenomena, he too has his dangers.

Because sending a WhatsApp can be very expensive

Because not everything goes on the Internet. If using Twitter to insult us under the anonymity that an "alias" and a computer screen offers us is not the best idea, using an application like WhatsApp to threaten someone is not recommended - or smart -. However, both because we believe we are untouchable, and because we are simply not aware of the repercussions our actions can have when we use new technologies, the truth is that stories like these arise from time to time.

As the legal newspaper Confilegal informs us, a woman was arrested for sending a simple WhatsApp message to her former boss. And no, she wasn't asking for a raise.

In the message, the woman asked her former boss to immediately deposit 2.000 euros into her bank account if she didn't want him to call all the company's customers to filter data and information about it. Obviously the owner of the company did not consent to the "blackmail", she reported to the authorities and after an investigation, the woman ended up arrested and immersed in criminal proceedings which will end with a - presumably - happy ending for her.

This fact has caused the Spanish authorities to start warning about the dangers of technology. The Spanish police report that the dangers of using the Internet go far beyond possible viruses or phishing messages that try to steal our personal data, but also a simple message on Twitter or sending a WhatsApp can generate many unpleasant problems.

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Therefore, it is time to start making responsible use of new technologies. If none of us would think to reply to the Nigerian lady who sends us a message congratulating us on the millionaire legacy we just won, why do we use such popular applications like Twitter or WhatsApp in such a way that we can commit a crime?

The protagonist of the news certainly did not think enough when she tried to coerce her former boss via WhatsApp but the truth is that a simple text message could ruin her life and all in seconds it costs to write the message and send it. Let's learn from this please.

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