Home automation What is this technology, what is it for and how does it work?

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The world of technology is something that, every time, it tends to overcome the limits of imagination and creativity ; due to the constant change and progress to which the human being is adapting over the years.

On many occasions, people enter our minds and think, what the planet will be like in a year, a decade, a century, even much further away.

By creating scenarios that only time will tell if they are true or not, but observing the constant evolution that characterizes science in the 21st century, we should stop thinking that science fiction is simply fiction.

Among all the inventions that man has made there is a very relevant one that is really changing people's lifestyles, and this has the name of Domotica, a matter that perhaps 20 years ago seemed too unreal to believe and that allows us to create a smart home.

What is home automation?

Home automation is that system found in houses or in any type of building with the characteristic of being systematized, that is, a large part of the house, including its furniture, equipment and other objects; have information checks, intelligent configuration and among other features.

Which are managed through computer commands and macro components that automate people's frequent actions and activities, improving both efficiency and speed.

The characteristics of this science are very extensive, which is why there are 5 main ones (programming, comfort, safety, communication and accessibility) that explain everything about it in detail.

What is home automation for?

Citing the most relevant advantages are: intelligent thermostats, capable of creating a regulation of the internal temperature of the building, despite having an ideal temperature before the arrival of a user, this being localized by a geolocation system.

There are also home automation curtains, which can be opened or closed via digital commands, even times can be programmed so that they open during the day and close at night, all this according to the user's taste.

In addition, the light intensity of a room or room can be increased via a Smartphone, which can automate this process so that the lights are higher in dark moments and hours.

All the aforementioned aspects have a very important feature to take into consideration, namely that, if the programming is done correctly, we can obtain large energy savings compared to normal homes.

That is, if this concept becomes popular, we may not only generate an investment that will save us a large long-term expense, but in turn, we collaborate with the environment and in the conservation of non-renewable sources.

How does home automation work?

For all of the above to really work, you need to have three important pillars which are actuators, sensors and controls. The actuators are aimed at everything related to actions, such as home automation blinds.

The censors are the ones who they deal with environmental factors before or when the user enters the room, such as the lights and the thermostat.

In the latter case, the commands can be directed to different sectors, they can host as many environmental factors as there are actuators, they are the ones that deal with the general programming of the entire home automation.

In a nutshell, home automation is a science that, while not yet very popular, will soon be, within 50 years there will most likely be no building on the planet that is devoid of this technology.

Therefore, the sooner this technology starts to become popular, the faster it will improve the current lifestyle of the people on the planet.

Finally, we hope this article has been of help to you, however we would like to know, do you think home automation will change the world? Do you think it is really useful? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

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