HBO: 'An error has occurred and the service may be temporarily unavailable' - Solution

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It can be very annoying that you are watching your favorite show and the HBO app or website starts crashing. In most cases the error message which we will deal with appears today, fortunately it is something that can be fixed quite easily, but it is necessary to know the causes of the problem.

HBO: "An error has occurred and the service may be temporarily unavailable" - Solution

If the problem occurs when accessing HBO from your PC or SmartTV, don't worry, in most cases this problem can be classified as common so it's not a reason to worry, as the problem is usually not a problem.

In any case, there there are several causes of this problem, read these points and determine what could be causing the problem:

Down servers

Although not common, this error can appear over time and in most cases it means that i HBO servers are down. This could be due to the platform being undergoing maintenance or similar issues.

If this is the case, don't worry, in most cases the problem will come usually fixed in minutes or in more complex cases in a few hours. In any case, you do not need to do anything, as the problem under these circumstances is usually solved automatically.

Connection problems

Another reason this error message may appear is because you don't have Internet access or your connection is unstable. If this is the reason for the error, the most appropriate thing to do is to check if your internet connection is working properly.

In case you have a data service, it is entirely possible that these have been out of stock. Likewise, check the cut-off date of your internet service as well, as it may have been interrupted if you forgot to pay.

In turn, if the Wi-Fi is far from your TV, computer or device, the problem can also arise, but this is easily solved by using and configuring a router as a repeater to improve your WiFi, many times necessary if the signal their connection is weak.

Either way, you can easily check if your connection fails using any other application or website, this way you rule out that it is an HBO issue or an internet connection issue.

Didn't solve the problem "An error has occurred and the service may be temporarily unavailable"?

The above points are in most cases the main causes for this error message to appear. In any case, if after analyzing the information you have not been able to determine the cause and fix the problem, there is something else you should consider.

Communicate directly with HBO customer service

Another method we recommend is to visit the HBO troubleshooting link below, where you will find feedback on some common problems. Many times the resolution of the problem is found in this guide.

Finally, if the problem cannot be solved by the usual means, it is best to contact the customer service of the company. At the end of the day, you are paying for it service television in streaming, which is why you can access this type of service.

Find the your number on HBO appropriate for your position and carry out a call, the operator will most likely find the reason for the problem. Use this if you have not otherwise corrected the error "An error has occurred and the service may be temporarily unavailable".

On the other hand, if you just can't solve the problem there is always the option to unsubscribe or cancel your HBO subscription, which although the latter is optional, is recommended if you can't solve the problem.

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