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The grid of streaming platforms in Spain is getting wider and wider. Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video are services we all know and what time they have a new rival, Hayu.

This platform, whose name is pronounced "Hey you", is specializing in reality shows, although it also offers other types of content, such as contests and documentaries on real crime.

Born in the United States in 2016 at the hands of NBCUniversal, the platform is experiencing a new expansion that takes it to countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. To let you evaluate whether or not it is worth subscribing to this new streaming option, we explain below how it works, what is its catalog and its price.

Hayu: catalog of the streaming platform specialized in reality TV

These are the reality shows that make up Hayu's catalog.

One of the best known streaming platforms among all those specializing in the Reality Show format is Hayu. It is a project that was born in the United States, in fact most of the productions come from there. Gradually it spread all over the world to reach countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Singapore, Canada and the Netherlands.

At the beginning of 2021, Hayu announced a new extension of territories that included Spain, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. If you are a lover of this type of programs and live in one of these countries, fai attention, why Hayu wants to join you.

"As the leading global reality television platform, this international expansion helps us achieve our goal of bringing the best reality shows to all superfans in the genre," said Hendrik McDermott, the company's CEO, in a statement.

To attract you, it has a catalog where you will find the best reality shows of the moment. We allow ourselves the luxury of spoiling you and saying yes, you can also see the Kardashians on this streaming platform. In general, there are more than 8.000 episodes of different reality shows, contests and real crime productions that make up Hayu's catalog.

Let's talk about an accessible platform, as it is available for Android and iOS devices, tablet con iOS, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, smart TV Samsung, Apple TV e AirPlay.

Hayu, which is already available in new countries, has one of the most comprehensive catalogs in terms of reality shows. These are the most important productions which you can see if you subscribe to the platform.

  • The Kardashians (Al passo con i Kardashian)
  • The Real Housewives (more than 15 different installments)
  • Undercover
  • I am selling you your villa
  • Jersey shore
  • Love and hip hop
  • Top Chef
  • Summer house
  • Vanderpump rules
  • Bad girls club
  • Southern charm
  • Made in Chelsea
  • The Scape Club
  • Best ink
  • Do not be late
  • See what happens live with Andy Cohen
  • tripped
  • Killer reason

To access all this content, you must first sign up for the platform. The reality is that it has a very competitive price since the subscription is 4,99 euros per month, with the possibility of enjoying a first week of free trial.

At the moment, the content is only available in English with subtitles in this language. Hopefully, the platform will add new options in the future, as its growth in countries like Spain will be difficult if not. Finally, as a point in favor, we must emphasize that in Hayu it is possible see the new episodes on the same day of the their launch in the United States, ideal for avoiding annoying spoilers.

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