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A few days ago, I was asked a question that was quite interesting and worth developing into an informative article, viz as are those programs and applications offered online and free to be able to hack Instagram and thus get into one or more specific user profiles reliable? .

Well, this kind of "restlessness" to put it mildly always emerges, under the aegis of large social networks or highly attractive programs and strongly desired by many people who try to appease or satisfy this kind of thing and Instagram is one of them. and simultaneously with this, some online services appear and swarm that apparently promise, in some way, to satisfy this kind of demand.

Applications and programs to hack Instagram | reflexes

Finding this type of applications and programs is very simple, just a simple Google search with terms such as: Hacking an Instagram profile, Program to hack Instagram o, Applications to hack Instagram, among others, to see different results in the first search positions offer and promote this type of services.

As a first reflection on this, you can see that you are in front of a real online industry promoting these kind of services, mentioning each of them, how easy it is to use and also that it is completely free and all of this sure sounds great and very tempting for people who have this particular nosy curiosity about what it does, that many log into these websites and blindly follow the installation instructions to use this type of service.

Here I stop for a second reflection that I hope will reach these very curious people… In general and specifically on the Internet altruism does not exist to a large extent, i.e. something is not offered for free or disinterestedly and more often than not, some kind of benefit exists or is pursued… quite the opposite of projects like Wikipedia or, well, VLC video Player, etc. which are free, free and accessible services, a real luxury today.

So here, it's worth asking what are these services they offer to hack Instagram? and before this question, it must be said that there are several mobiles or motifs that overlap or behind the beautiful facade they offer and some of them are:

  • Economic benefits: logically, one of the things that moves the world is money (profit) and this is one of the big reasons behind this kind of applications and programs and how do they do it? Well, they can do it in a very friendly way which is to make you see (see) or click on some type of advertisement in exchange for the alleged spyware or, more aggressively with the famous Adware, that is, they fill you with advertisements in different ways and with this they can make a lot of money at the expense of the curious.
Advertising example.
  • Data theft: although it may seem uninteresting, the information is very valuable… In general, this type of application and program always requests some data, such as the user's password and access rights (phishing: acquiring confidential information fraudulently) What means it's up to them, to have interesting loot to make a sort of profit or simply to give the curious a hard time…. With this, in particular, they can steal your Instagram account and give it the use they want or sell it on the "virtual black market". In short, curiosity kills the cat and it is him, the one spied on.
  • It infects your phone or computer: intertwined with the other 2 points, this type of program or application, once installed, can logically infect your mobile or computer with a Trojan which, once executed, gives the attacker remote access to the infected computer, causing damage , steal data and basically, have you at the mercy of them.
Example of a program that can infect you.

By the way, a good antivirus warns you about this kind of situation.

But despite everything, do these types of applications and programs work?

Definitely, a major part of the programs or applications that are offered with the aim of Hacking Instagram accounts are categorically a hoax or a fraud… That is, in a nutshell, they do not keep the promises they promote and can harm you perfectly with some aspect seen in the previous entry.

However, there may be some of these services that, with one brute-force method or another, can yield results and satisfy that curiosity. However, using it means going beyond the legality and believing that today the Internet is not a "far west" where you can do what you want and it is more regulated and regulated every day.

What does Instagram say about all this?

Well, in the Instagram privacy policies (the ones that are never read) the following is clearly indicated in point 7:

Other Websites and Services.

“…If you browse or interact with any third party website or service, including those that have a link on our website, you will be subject to those third party's rules and policies. You further agree that we have no responsibility for, and have no control over, any third parties you authorize access to your User Content. If you are using a third party website or service and you allow them to access your User Content, you do so at your own risk…”

That is to say, simply put, it is your responsibility to use these kind of services that are swarming the internet and they are not responsible for your sharing any information or content with them.

Is it legal to use these types of spy programs or applications?

With some common sense, it can be argued that this type of intrusion or identity theft is not legal at all and people who use a service to do it can end up with a big problem, yes, the entire victim and the respective complaint to Instagram support.

In the conditions of use (those never read) it is not clear, but in point 7 the following appears:

You may not use the Service for any unauthorized or illegal purpose. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations (for example, federal, state, local and provincial) applicable to your use of the Service and your Content (defined below), including, without limitation, copyright laws.

As a final reflection and as a way to convince all those people not to try or use this type of spyware on Instagram, may I point out that, finally, those who use this type of services could be the most affected and due to their simple curiosity they can have a problem ranging from being used for profit, stealing their data, infecting them (computer or mobile) and not satisfied with it, he may have a legal problem entering someone else's profile or someone else's.

It can be understood that some of you have that curiosity and are a bit mischievous and naive, they do not hesitate to do anything to achieve their goals… In this case, making a » baby » and also, many of them do not have advanced knowledge which can avoid infections or things like IP masking… In short, a childish thing that can go quite wrong or, as I said before, curiosity can kill the cat.

Report on Instagram | As did?

It must be said that Instagram and the large social networks take complaints of a different nature very seriously and for this reason they certainly have a staff or team specially oriented to receive complaints, study them or evaluate their merits and provide a solution, if requested and all this, in a short time.

  • Stolen accounts: In case you have clear and categorical indications that your Instagram account has been stolen, you can first try to change your password and also revoke the access of any suspicious third-party application and in the situation that you cannot log in, you must report it hereand in this way, your problem will reach Instagram support team and they will offer you answer according to this problem.

Put simply, all that glitters is not gold and it is very probable that, in this type of service, other obscure motives are pursued in addition to offering a service to people with generosity... Prudence and scruples are therefore recommended.

Nota 1 | On the other hand, before installing anything on our mobile phones or computers, we must check who the developer is and his reputation, as well as the place, store or website where it was purchased and do an internet search beforehand to review comments and opinions to trust _

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