Google Stadia: how to find and add friends step by step

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Playing is always better with friends. For this reason, since its launch, Google has placed an emphasis on the plus section "Social" of Google Stadia, its streaming gaming platform, through features such as the ability to chat with friends during games.

Ma how do you get those "friends"? . For know what others are playing at, play their games or talk to them in group voice chats, you need to add them to yours first friends list. In this article we explain how to do it step by step.

Find friends on Stadia step by step

The process for find and add friends to your list in Stadia it's simple, and you can do it both from the mobile app that from the desktop version via web browser, or in the smart TV app. Depending on the device, the steps to follow are slightly different:

From the phone

  • Open the Stadia app and go to the "Friends" section
  • Tap the search icon and enter the username of the person to search for
  • Tap the profile icon
  • To send a friend request, tap "Add as friend"

From the Stadia website or the TV version

  • On the Stadia Controller, press the Stadia button to access the menu
  • Access the "Friends" section and then tap "Search"
  • Enter the name of the person to search for or choose one of the recent players
  • Access the profile of the person in question and tap "Add as friend"

So easy. If the user you sent the friend request accepts, you will see their name in yours Google Stadia friends list and new options will appear such as the ability to invite him to a game or join his, create a chat room or invite him to a group with other friends we have previously added.

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