Google Pixel 3A is the most popular phone in 2019

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Launching a smartphone on the market is never so easy, especially if your name is Google and you want to enter a competitive sector such as the mid-range one. In this segment there are magnificent terminals with an enviable quality-price ratio -Xiaomi, realme or Samsung's Galaxy A range - so either you present a really relevant smartphone or you run the risk of being forgotten.

The Google Pixel 3a got all the votes of the latter. Firstly because Google isn't used to making non-premium phones and secondly why the Pixel 3a was already branded from the start. Not in vain would it have been the "cheap", low-cost or lite model of its big brother, the Pixel 3.

However, many times things are not what they seem. Life takes many turns and what seems obvious in the end is not so obvious. The Google Pixel 3a not only quickly became one of the best mid-range phones on the market, conquering media and users, but we can also conclude, once 2019 is over, that Google's phone was undoubtedly one of the most important and relevant smartphones of the year, even if we haven't given it the credit or importance it really deserves.

The Google Pixel 3a was arguably the best of 2019

Indeed, neither its design - a matter of taste, of course - nor the materials used in its construction will win any awards, but as is often said, beauty is within. Google has shown with this device that i mid-range phones can also have a great camera and with that it should already be worth it.

Google has shown that the mid-range can also have an exceptional photographic sector

As a general rule, if you wanted to take more than decent photographs, you had to buy a high-end one. The Pixel 3a denies this since the its photographic section far exceeds that of terminals with much higher prices. Plus, the fact that it has direct support from Google makes it one of the best options if what we're looking for is a phone with decent features, a ten camera and always up-to-date Android.

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And the importance of the Pixel 3a increases with the arrival of the Google Pixel 4, which has not been the expected phone by many. Its failures have caused the discomfort of much of its community and it is evident that the phone of the big G has fallen far behind other terminals such as the Samsung Note10 or the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. However, this year we will see once again a little one trying to make a place among the greatest. Its name will be that of Pixel 4a and it has very easy to be successful. Take everything good about the Pixel 3a and make it better. Take all the evil of the Pixel 4 and remove it.

From me, I will continue to defend the Pixel 3a as one of the best terminals of 2019 and I will continue to recommend the purchase also in 2020. At least until the guys at Google will not present the new Pixel 4a.

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