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Cloud storage has become one of the preferred methods for users to keep al sure all their memories of pictures.

One of the most used platforms is Google Photos, where you can store all your content for free and unlimited if you do it in high quality. This benefit will disappear in June 2021, as Google has announced that it will remove unlimited storage from Google Photos.

Before applying this change, we recommend that you know the amount of Google Photos storage you still need to use. Step by step, we explain how to do it easily below.

This is a method you can apply too if you save the images in original quality - you only have 15 GB available - or if you are subscribed to one of the Google One payment plans.

This way you can find out how much free storage you have left in Google Photos.

How to know how much Google Photos storage you have free

The storage limit in Google Photos is a detail that you need to take into account, because at some point you may be left surprised that I can't add more images to the Google cloud and thus remain "unsecured".

Your Google account has 15GB of free storage shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Of the latter, we remind you, the images saved in high quality do not count, as long as they have been uploaded before 1 June 2021.

To find out how much free storage you have left for Google Photos (and your Google account in general), you can use two methods that work for both your Android phone and your computer.

La first procedure to find out how much free space you still have in Google Photos is this:

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Click on the section "Data and personalization".
  3. Scroll down until you find the "Account archiving" section, which will show you how much storage you have left. To learn more, click on "Manage storage space".
  4. There you can see how much storage space is still free in your Google account, as well as check which part each service (Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos) occupies.

In addition to the one just explained, there is an even easier method to find out how much Google Photos storage you have left, namely enter the Google Photos Archiving page.

By going directly to this link, you will see how you are using the storage space of your Google account and which part of it corresponds to Google Photos. That way you will know how much space did you use in your Google account.

On the other hand, the calculation that Google makes to tell you is also interesting as ti that space will last that you still have free, which it does based on how often you make backup copies of the content in your account.

The Google Photo Storage web will tell you when your free space is used up.

And these are the two methods you can use to find out how much free storage you can still use to save your images to Google Photos. As we have already mentioned, both procedures are useful for both Android and PC.

In case in which you took by surprise the news of the imminent disappearance of the unlimited storage of images in the Google cloud, we remind you that there are good Google Photos alternatives where you can also upload your photos to the cloud for free.

Therefore, when you see that Google Photos free storage is low, you can turn to other cloud storage services to protect your images.

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