Google Maps: How to customize your maps on Android to the fullest

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Google Maps is one of those applications that cannot be missing on your Android thanks to the countless functions it possesses. To talk about just one of them, we point out its renewed driving mode, which allows you to know what the traffic is and the state of roads and roads without the need to establish a destination point.

In order for Google Maps to suit you perfectly, it is best to customize the application as much as possible. Doing so is simple, as the map service has several features and customization tools. Next, we list all the options you have to customize your Google Maps maps.

Log into your account or change your account

The first thing you need to do to personalize your Google Maps is use the app with your account. Therefore, you must log in with your user or change your account if you are using Maps with a different one. You can do all this by clicking on the round icon in the top right corner.

From that menu of options you can log in, switch accounts or manage all accounts that you have configured on the device. Remember that security is always important, so you need to change your Google account password every now and then.

Save your home or work address

Establishing your home or work address in Google Maps is important to save time when looking for routes and directions, since you will not have to manually enter these addresses. Telling Maps where you live or work is simple: First, go to Saved, the middle button in the bottom bar of the screen.

Next, click on Tagged, in the top bar, where you can set your home and work addresses. To do this, just enter each of the sections and write the address (you can also select it on the map). Be careful because, as Maps specifies, such personal information will be used for all Google products, with all that that means for your privacy and security.

Show scale bar

The scale bar is the element on the screen that tells you what is the equivalence between what you see on the map and reality. In the mobile version of Google Maps, you have the ability to see it always or only when you zoom in the map.

To choose between these two options, you need to click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and select Settings> Show scale on map. There you can choose between Always or While zooming. As soon as you have chosen one, the change will be saved and Google Maps will be updated with your preferences.

Save places and addresses in your Favorites

One of the most important sections of Google Maps is Favorites, where you can save your favorite places and addresses so as not to lose them and to be able to log in from any device on you use your Google account.

Click on the map site you want to save until the red placeholder appears and click on the Save option, which appears in the bottom bar that appears. You can then choose whether to save that address, business or monument in the predefined lists of Google Maps (Favorites, I want to go, Featured places) or in a specially created one.

Add private labels to places

In Google Maps, it is also possible to assign private labels to certain places, such as your mother's house or your favorite restaurant. That way, like at home or at work, it will be more simple to set them as a destination or speed up searches.

To add a label to a place you need to press on it for a few seconds until the red pin appears. Then, tap on the site name in the white window that opens to see more options, then select Tag. Finally, you can assign one of the predefined labels (Home, Work, Class, Gym) or create a specific one for that place.

View your My Maps creations on Google Maps

My Maps is the Google platform where you can create your own customized maps. In addition to being able to share them on the net, you can also add your maps from My Maps to Google Maps. As in the previous options, it's a quick and easy process.

To see your My Maps maps in Google Maps you need to enter Saved and slide the bar at the top left until you find the Maps section. Select this to see the last 5 maps you have created in My Maps and click on the one you want to see so that it appears on the Google Maps map.

These changes, while they may seem minor, do serve a customize Google Maps and make the application more suitable for you, to those addresses you visit often and to your favorite places in the city. In daily use, you will be able to perceive how these changes also serve to speed up the use of the app.

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