Google: How to turn off XNUMX-Step Verification in your account

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Two-Step Verification, or Two-Factor Authentication, is one of the most useful tools you can use for today protect your digital service accounts with an extra layer of security. Google also has two-step verification available for your personal account, even recommending its use among the advanced tricks offered to get more out of your devices.

However, you may not be convinced of how this security system works, because on some occasions it takes time upon access or why do you fear that an issue with XNUMX-Step Verification is preventing you from logging into your account. For one reason or another, we explain how to disable two-factor authentication for your Google account so that you only need your password to log in.

Google: How to turn off XNUMX-Step Verification for your account

Google explains very well on its website how its two-step verification works and all the ways it protects your personal data and content. The benefits of this security system are obvious, but it is possible that this extra layer of protection on your account won't help you. For this reason, you should learn how to disable two-step verification in your Google account.

When you deactivate this system, you will only need your password to access Google services, thus forgetting about mobile messages or special codes. Next, let's explain step by step how to disable google two-step verification from your mobile.

1º- Enter yours Google account.

2º- Fai scroll the bar at the top left until you find the section Safety, in which you need to click.

3º- Scroll down until you see the section Two-step verification. Click on it to start the deactivation process.

4- Enter your Google account password to confirm your identity and click Next.

5º- After logging into Google's two-step verification page, tap the Deactivate button which appears in blue at the top right of the screen.

6º- Confirm that you want to disable this additional security system by doing click the Disable option that appears in the displayed window. When the message warns you, this will disable XNUMX-Step Verification and you will only use your password to log in.

Done, you have disabled two-factor authentication in your Google account by following the steps outlined above. As you have seen, it is a quick process that does not involve any complexity. When you want to re-enable XNUMX-Step Verification, you will need to go back to Google Account> Security> Two-Step Verification.

Before concluding the explanation of this little trick, let's remember that two-factor authentication of the company is very effective. As explained by Google, this additional security system is capable of blocking 100% of bots when they try to access user accounts. Knowing this information, you may want to think twice before turning off XNUMX-Step Verification on your account, especially if you save valuable content and information.

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