Google Chrome Themes: How to Change Them and the Best

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Google Chrome has a set of customization options. One of them is the ability to change the entire browser theme. These packages change the colors and some of the textures of the interface. They also do the same with the background that appears when we open a new tab. In this article, we explain how to change the Google Chrome theme and show you a selection of the best.

How to customize Google Chrome with a new theme

  1. First of all, open Google Chrome and click on the three dots menu.
  2. Now select Settings.
  3. In the settings menu, open the section Appearance.
  4. Open the Chrome Web Store by clicking Temi.
  5. Select the topic you like best.
  6. In the theme file, click the button Add theme to Chrome.
  7. Once the process is complete, the theme will have been applied.

Restore the default look of Google Chrome.

  1. Go back to the menu Settings.
  2. Enter the section again Appearance.
  3. In the Temi there will be a button called Restore Defaults.
  4. The result is that Google Chrome returns to its original appearance.

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The 7 best themes for Google Chrome

After reviewing the method for installing themes and restoring the browser's original appearance, we share a list of the best themes with you. All can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and they are completely safe.

Black only

If you are looking for your browser to appear in pure black, this theme is perfect for you. It does not contain any background image when we open a new tab and is distinguished above all by its absolute minimalism. It is an official Google theme.

Black only | Download

Black White

This theme dresses Google Chrome in black and white colors. The effect is curious because, while the address bar and the bookmark bar are shown in shades of white and gray, the background of the new tabs is pure black. This theme adds a touch of elegance to our browser. It is an official Google theme.

Bianco e nero | Download


If you want to make Google Chrome more colorful, Honeysuckle is for you. Its colors cover a very surprising variety of pink and purple shades. An interesting detail is the fact that the theme modifies the Google logo, eliminating its variety of colors and giving it a more homogeneous touch with the rest of the interface. The New Tab page does not have a background image. This is an official topic of Google.

Caprifoglio | Download

Galaxy Aero 1440p

Do you want to turn your browser into a window that opens into space? This theme features a gorgeous high quality photography of the universe that you sneaks into every corner of Chrome. The tab area, address bar and bookmarks become fully spatial when applied. However, it is when we open a new tab that it appears in all its glory. For a better fit, the Google logo is displayed in white.

Galaxy Aero 1440p | Download

Nordic forest

Browsing the Internet for hours can be stressful. Wouldn't it be ideal to travel to a lush Nordic forest to disconnect? Well, it's unlikely we can, but we can install this awesome theme. Thought for nature lovers, dress our browser in green and yellow tones. Every time we open a new tab we will enjoy a breath of fresh air from Northern Europe.

Nordic forest | Download

Seattle night

If you feel like a more urban person, it is Seattle skyline it can become the ideal reason to customize your browser. The background image is black and white and the entire interface adapts to these tones. From the tab area to the indicator bar, we will enjoy the colors gray, black and white. However, we will have the best views when we open a new tab. The Google logo in this case is shown in white. He's the only one on the list who gets paid. You can buy it for € 0,74.

Seattle night | To buy

JLA for art lovers

At the last place on this list of the best themes you can install, we recommend JLA for the Art Lover, a selection of the most famous superheroes. If you want to bring Flash, Batman, Superman and others together within Google Chrome, this theme is ideal for you. The navigation bar takes on a psychedelic background and each superhero's badges appear at the top of the window. Also, every new tab you open will show a spectacular wallpaper based on all of these characters.

JLA for art lovers | Art Download

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This review of some of the best themes we find in the Chrome Web Store makes it very clear that Google Chrome is very customizable. What theme do you use? Leave yours in the comments!

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