Google Assistant guest mode: what it is and how it's used

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THE Google Assistant has a new tool that will be of great interest to you if in some situations you don't want it to save your searches. Is called Guest mode and in this guide we will explain you in detail what it is and how you can use it on your speakers and smart displays.

Knowing that it is for that, in order not to save your communications with the assistant, you can imagine that this function is very similar to Google Chrome's Incognito mode. In short, it is an additional privacy tool integrated by Google, which is always appreciated. We will know everything so that you can make the most of it.

Turn on Google Assistant guest mode on your Nest Hub to get privacy.

What is Google Assistant guest mode?

Google is responsible for the collection of all data on the use you make of its services and devices, from Google Chrome to Google Maps, via the Assistant. Use this information to fully understand your interests and thus be able to personalize al better experience and advertising that offers you. Aware of the complaints users report about this monitoring, the company is offering them more and more options to protect their privacy.

One of them is Google Assistant's Guest Mode, which allows to be in control of audio recordings on smart speakers and displays like Nest Audio and Nest Hub. As reported by Google on its blog, Guest Mode can help you in two different ways to protect your privacy.

The first of these is the one already mentioned, which the your interactions with the Assistant are not saved in your Google account and, therefore, which cannot be used to personalize your experience in the Google ecosystem.

The second is useful when you have guests in the house and you want them to be able to use smart devices without accessing your personal data.

This way guests can ask the Assistant questions, ask him to play music from YouTube or manage the use of other connected devices without obtaining personalized results, such as the shopping list, your saved contacts or calendar data. Of course, their interactions they will not even be used to personalize the use of Google services.

In short, the Guest Mode of the Google Assistant is a very useful tool to use the assistant with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything you say will not be saved. Plus, with the convenience of not having to manually configure it from your Google account settings.

How to use guest mode on your smart devices

Using the Google Assistant guest mode on your smart devices is extremely simple, just say "Hey Google, activate guest mode" on the speaker or screen so that this mode is activated. When it will be, will emit a special sound and the icon will appear on the screen guest, indicating that you can now speak to the Assistant without fear of your search information being saved or affecting your personalized experience.

You should know that any user interacting with the device, including your guests, can enable this mode simply by saying the magic words. To turn it off, you just have to say "Hey Google, turn off guest mode". If in doubt, you can always ask "Hey Google, is guest mode on?" to confirm whether or not it is saving the voice recordings.

When using this mode, please note that if you ask the Assistant to interact with other apps, such as YouTube or Google Maps, it is possible that save the history of your activities. Also, if in doubt if you turned on Guest Mode in time, you can delete everything you told Google Assistant.

In short, this guest mode is another step forward for Google in an effort to offer the best security and privacy to its users. Anytime you want speak to the Assistant privately, remember to say "Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode" for leave custom use for a few minutes that this service offers you.

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