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For some time now, gaming enthusiasts have been gathering on Twitch to be able to enjoy all those talks that we like so much and that revolve around the world of online games. So, if you want to access Twitch, check out this special How-to Resources guide on how to login to twitch and log in and which is based on explaining the procedure to be able to access Twitch correctly, then going through how to create an account on Twitch, download the App for desktop as mobile and finally how Log in to Twitch and don't die trying and with it, join this fantastic online community.

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Log into Twitch and Log In | Step 1: Get on Twitch

First, they will have to access the home or cover of this platform which offers a streaming service called Twitch and for this you basically have two options via the web and which from now on you will need to enter or access Twitch in its web version and which are the following:

  • Entra in Twitch con Google: in this option, they must write in the search engine they use (I think Google) the name of this video streaming platform and that is « Twitch» and then, click on « Submit»Or« Search» strictly so that the results are loaded and right there, they will click on the correct one, which is usually in the first position and has this URL: https://www.twitch.tv/
  • Enter Twitch with URL: in this other option, it will allow you to directly access Twitch by correctly typing and completing the URL in the address bar of the browser you use and that is www.twitch.tv and then click on " Log in »Or“ Plan your trip » and Twitch will load like this, quick and easy.

Note no. 1 | By the way, if for some reason they have accessed the Twitch cover in another language and, logically, they want to have Twitch in Italian, they have to go to the footer or footer by dragging the right sidebar and in the options that appear, they will click on «Language» with this, a menu will appear and they will be able, with another click, to choose the Italian from Italy or Italian from Latin America option so that in this way the Twitch page is loaded in Italian and with it, this is the mess idiomatic is solved.

Log into Twitch and Log In | Step 2: Create an account on Twitch

Now, it's time to explain to you how to create an account on Twitch and to do it, the first thing you should do is click on the button that says «Sign Up» on the Twitch cover and you'll find it in the right corner of the bar above (if I'm on a desktop computer).

With the previous click, a central window will open which consists of two options to be able to register on Twitch (Facebook and form) and of course we will explain each of these below (choose the one that best suits you).

  • Register on Twitch with Facebook: in this option, you will have to click on the button that says « Connect with Facebook» and that is at the top of this window (see attached image).

With this, a small window of your browser will open in which you will be asked to enter your email or telephone number and the password of your Facebook account in the respective boxes and subsequently, you will click on «Log in» and with it, they will basically automatically have a Twitch account associated with their Facebook account.

  • Register on Twitch with a form: in this other option, they simply have to fill in the respective fields or boxes that are shown in the window with the data that is requested in each of them, namely the following.

Username: here, you will have to enter a username by which you will be known on Twitch and therefore, it must be well thought out but don't worry, in the future and if you wish you can change it.

Password: Here you need to create and enter a password for your Twitch account, and by the way, you need to be able to remember it so that you don't have problems logging in in the future, however, it shouldn't be that easy for others to figure it out.

Birthday: in this box they will select their date of birth and to do so they will click on each of the boxes (month, day and year) and from the drop-down menus they will select the dates indicated by clicking.

E-mail address: in this other box, they will simply enter an email they have and which is active to associate it with their Twitch account.

Further down appears a small square accompanied by a text that says «I am not a robot» and then here, you have to mark or delete it with a click, so that a window pops up with an exercise that you have to perform in to check or show that they are flesh and blood.

Well, when you have the form in this window filled out conscientiously or correctly and completely, you should click on the button that says «Sign Up» and you will find it at the bottom of the relevant window.

From now on, they already have a Twitch account under the option of a form. However, now they need to verify that account and for that, they need to open the email they have associated with their Twitch account as they have sent a message to this email to do this procedure.

Well, surely you will find said Twitch message in your inbox, open it and then click on « buttonVerify your email» and you will be redirected to a Twitch page where it will tell you that you have successfully confirmed the email. who from this precise moment will be able to complete their Twitch user profile as well as become addicted to this portal oriented to the world of games.

Note no. 2 | On some occasions it is possible that the message does not arrive immediately in your mailbox and you will have to wait a little longer and reload the page or the message does not pass the filters of your email and goes directly to the folder of even unwanted or known messages, such as the spam folder and therefore, it is recommended to check this folder, as the message to verify the Twitch account may be there.

Log into Twitch and Log In | Download the app for desktop and mobile

In fact, after having created an account and tested the possibilities offered by Twitch, they will be able to download the App for their desktop or mobile device and thus be well connected and improve their user experience. Below are the download links.

  • App Twitch Desktop: Without a doubt, the Twitch Desktop App is a great option for all those gamers and fans to easily access various options that will ease their connection and experience on Twitch significantly, they will go crazy with it. Download here… >>
  • App Twitch Mobile: This option will allow everyone who is interested to access Twitch via a mobile device and thus connect with their passion, their favorite games and different creators for both Android and iOS anywhere and anytime, the better! Download here… >>

Log into Twitch and Log In | Step 3: How to log into Twitch

Once you have your Twitch account, you can access Twitch as often as you want and whenever you feel like it, and for this I will explain in detail how to access Twitch on web and mobile.

  • Log in to Twitch web – Here, you will basically have to access the Twitch home page (as explained in step #1) and after that, click on the button that says « Log in» located in the bar in the right corner at the top bar (see attached image).

With the previous click a central window will open where you will have two options to access Twitch respectively and which are the following:

  • Log in to Twitch with Facebook: This option to access Twitch is for all those people who signed up for Twitch using Facebook. To use it, they have to click on the button that says « Connect with Facebook«.

This will open a Facebook login window where they will have to enter their email or phone number and Facebook password in the respective boxes and then, click on the button that says «Log in» and this will open logged in Twitch and ready for adventure.

  • Log into Twitch with a password: this other option is used to access Twitch for all those users who have used the classic form or the mail path. Simply, they must enter in the boxes of the window, the user they have on Twitch and the password associated with their Twitch account in the respective boxes and then, mark the box preceding « I'm not a robot» so complete an exercise that will prove they are human and finally a click on the button that says « Log in» and voila! I'm already online on Twitch and let the entertainment begin.
  • Sign in to the Mobile App: First, they need to see the Twitch App downloaded onto their mobile phones (which we explained above) and with their account already created, they will simply open the App to enter the required login details and they will be online and ready to watch and enjoy Twitch properly.

Finally, this is the basic procedure how to get into twitch and log in successfully or take your first steps in this amazing streaming portal that allows you to connect with other game lovers, watch, discover and share strategies among many other things that are distilled and make us addicted to the game.

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