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FLOPS known as floating point operations per second in Spanish, are a unit of measure for determining the operation of a GPU or CPU. This unit of measure it is now widely used by computer, console and game development companies.

How can we define the FLOPs?

Well, floating point operations per second are the representation of the amount of mathematical operations that a CPU or a GPU they can perform per second.

This unit allows you to understand how quickly a picture or graphic of a game can be drawn. Remember that currently all games are designed in 3D.

A technology that requires that every console or computer can support every vector with which a simple object or texture is drawn.

Can we trust this unit of measurement?

We all consider the specs of any PC or video game console before buying it, we are always looking for the best. The amount of FLOPS a device can have it's not really decisive to know if we should acquire it or not. These FLOPs are measured by Teraflop.

While they are quite important, they don't work on their own, which is why other features have to be taken into account to determine whether or not a device is useful.

As for computers, it must be kept account of the task of the RAM, as this is what most of the functions guarantee.

Remember that RAM memories are those that take care of running or running the software of programs or games of a device, and when it is overloaded it tends to decrease its performance and become slower, which is why it is advisable to release your memory space RAM.

The measures, even if exorbitant, should not be so imposing, they must be taken with intelligence, because they are raw data; This data guarantees only the unique functioning of that piece, but it is the whole that provides the images.

These days, it's common for companies developing video game consoles to reveal impressive data on operations in floating point per second.

But it's the console spec set that can promise a quality picture, really perfect and very realistic.

Want to know how many FLOPS your PC or console has?

Taking into account that it is the set of characteristics that allows us to have an idea of ​​how the device works. Good to know how this unit is determined.

You can enter the GFLOPS GPU page for get detailed and updated information about your console or computer, you just have to search for the model and that's it.

Most video game consoles that have been released in recent years have measurements in TFLOPS, for example PlayStation 4 ha 4.20.

Computers have similar values ​​to video game consoles, with the difference that it ties FLOPS to other features.

What must be done to expect a good performance?

If you own a computer, you should consider that its RAM is a core feature for any activity he checks them.

Also, its processor is something really important, add it to the video card (Comma operations are included here mobile devices per second).

This union of features is what provides the images inside the computer, so they work as a whole.

In the case of video game consoles, its internal composition, its RAM, the capacity of its video card, the possibility of creating an image must be considered; These features are essential to expect a good image.

To get a good video image many users have chosen to install graphics cards, as they are responsible for processing the graphics to be displayed on the screen, if you want a better quality card you can change the graphics card of your PC.

It must be remembered that any device integrates FLOPS, so they should not be considered a great feature, but rather an important one. On their own they don't do much and are raw data, that is they do not work if they are not in combination with other specifications.

Finally, we hope this article will be of great help to you and allow you to understand what floating point operations per second are.

Before making any changes to your PC's graphics card, it is essential that you know which graphics card you have installed in your computer.

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