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You will likely see a message about Facebook which informs you that there are problems setting up Facebook in Spanish when you open the application, it can be quite annoying and we will offer you some solutions to get rid of it once and for all so that it does not appear again.

Due to unknown circumstances, some users have noticed that when they try to open Facebook, they get a warning that there is some kind of problem configuring Spanish as the app language, forcing them to use the English language to continue using the app.

This won't be a hindrance were it not for the fact that users get used to using it Facebook in Spanish and suddenly have no choice but to switch the language to use it in English temporarily, even if they try to use it in Spanish.

When that message starts appearing more frequently, it is advisable to follow a series of procedures to try to fix it, or even when it appears at some point and there is no way to put Spanish as Facebook's language, then try everything we indicate .

restart your mobile

One option you shouldn't stop trying is restart your mobile, solves a lot of "stupid" problems that can't be solved any other way. It's a process that doesn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes, so in this case try it to see if the language warning no longer appears.

After turning the phone off and on again, reconnect the phone to the internet and log into the Facebook application to verify that you can use the app normally again without that informational message, if not, continue to try the following options.

Clear Facebook cache and data

This action is already a classic that we have recommended on other occasions, for example when talking about certain errors in Android. That would be enough clear the cache and data of the Facebook application from your phone settings to see if that deletes the message.

To do this, go to settings / applications / all applications and go to Facebook, there look for the options «delete data» and «empty cache» and do both, one after the other. Soon after, reopen Facebook to verify that you do not get the message that there is a problem setting up the Spanish language, if so, you need to try other things.

Uninstall and install Facebook

It might be a radical possibility, but it doesn't hurt to try it, and it is to try to uninstall Facebook from your phone and reinstall it shortly after, only then can you know if this procedure will work for you and you will not see error again in setting up your Spanish phone.

This is something you can apply to iOS and Android, in each of the operating systems you will need to delete the Facebook app from your phone and then reinstall the social network by downloading the app from their respective app stores, Google Play Store in the case of Android and the App Store if you have an iPhone.

Check for any updates from Facebook

It may happen that the Facebook app has a problem and with a simple update it is solved, therefore you should check if there is any facebook update in the application stores, if so you should install it as soon as possible to see if that solves the problem.

Updating Facebook is very simple, you have to do as if you were to update WhatsApp and other apps, remember that you have an internet connection and wait a few moments for the app to download and reinstall the new version.

Log out of Facebook and log back in

We continue with more options, in this case we will try to solve the problem to configure Spanish on Facebook closing the Facebook session, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Facebook app, in the case of the iOS app, click on the «menu» tab. Then, scroll to the bottom and click «Exit».

Now you just have to reopen Facebook and enter your login details to reconnect to Facebook, to see if the error message we indicated no longer appears.

If with these solutions you are unable to fix the spanish language problem on facebook, you have no choice but to access Facebook via browser on your mobile, it's a bit more cumbersome and the experience is not as good as the app, but it will help in query mode.

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