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What are featured stories on Instagram

The featured stories are, as the name suggests, a section in which any user can leave a story for more than 24 hours. In order to have a featured story, we must first manually add it to a series of stories that we have already presented.

What are they for?

these they can be very useful if we know how to use them, to better understand their practicality, we will talk about the exceptional Instagram stories from the professional point of view, of a company or company, and from the point of view of a user who uses the social network for fun and entertainment.

For the commercial field, these stories they served as the "FAQ button" for each company, entering their catalog, prices, payment methods, location, etc. in the featured stories. Thanks to the fact that the cover of each group of stories can be edited, the covers are usually placed to indicate that the user will enter.

If we focus on being used by a normal user, it is a good alternative to normal publications, giving the possibility to share some music, collect memories from the story archive, show a journey, etc. We could say that it is used as a photo album but without saturating the entire profile or stories.

Who sees featured Instagram Stories

If we don't have much experience with Instagram, we may have a question about who can see our featured stories. The stories in the foreground they vary in their visibility depending on the type of account we have, so to better answer this question, we'll look at the case of each account.

Private account

Like all private account content, Instagram Stories featured on these account types are limited to those who follow us. If a user who doesn't follow us wants to see them, they should send us a follow-up request, the stories we highlighted when we approved to follow are available.

Public account

If we have a public account, our featured stories will be available to all users who peek through our profile, giving a good impression of our adventures, tastes and memories. We can also find in this group business accounts, which are convenient for everyone to see their stories and their content in general.

How to know who sees my stories

If we have a specific goal that we want to see our story, we need to know if it did or not, being very easy to know who has seen our stories, all by following these simple steps:

  • We position ourselves in the main feed of our Instagram, by clicking on where our profile photo appears in the upper left corner.
  • After that, we'll be able to view the stories we've uploaded over the 24-hour period, but the next thing we need to do is swipe from bottom to top on the screen.
  • In this way the user who has seen our story will appear, being available for 24 hours, since when a story goes in the Instagram file or in the featured stories, we will not be able to know who saw this story.

Upload stories without them noticing

Therefore we won't be able to do it from standard Instagram Stories, as they will always be visible to all our followers or users, sending notifications to those who have us in their notification bell. But we don't have to worry because we can use "best friends"

Best friends it works like a series of private stories, that regardless of whether our account is private or public will only be able to see a group of people we choose. So what we can do is share the content we don't want them to notice, from best friends and upload the rest through standard social network stories.

A curious fact about best friend stories is that they are used to a large extent by the best known people on Instagram. They do this because having a verified account and thousands of followers, they cannot post certain content, making it better that way.

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